SOLVED: Updated FireTV APP needs reactivation?

Why would you require reactivation of the fire TV app without sending a notification?
It was a royal pain attempting to activate, find my password and get it working again.
It would have been nice to have a heads up so I could have done it before the movie was about to start.

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Has there been any sort of firmware update to either the fire stick or your TV?

(we pause to ponder the idea of needing to update the firmware on your TV …)

I suspect this is something more to do with Amazon and/or the device rather than the Gizmoplex app itself. If you have other streaming services, did those require a reactivation as well?


Nothing in the app has changed, to the best of our knowledge, and the fire TV we test on has not required reactivation, so we’re not quite sure what’s happening in your case. If you want to email we can have Vimeo look into it.


Can confirm, perhaps rather for Ivan than OP, that my Fire Stick has never required any sort of reauthenticating from the very beginning since I downloaded the app.


I missed the last show because I have to broadcast it from my mobile to the TV. It constantly had to refresh on my phone and broadcast again. The ROKU app frustrates me with live shows. It’s easier on rebroadcasts. You should be able to broadcast from a mobile or laptop to a Fire TV. Hopefully your internet works better than mine.

I’ve definitely seen apps on my Roku, after years of smooth operation, abruptly forget and demand login credentials. While I have not tried a FireTV device, I can imagine the same problem occurring - an error reading login data from storage, reboot or app crash causing some data loss, etc.

It’s super annoying when it happens, but it can be for lots of reasons besides changes to an app or firmware.