SOLVED: Upgrading A 3-Month Pass

Hello, I have a question. I got the 3-month pass from the Kickstarter, and I’m interested in continuing the service for the rest of the year. Can I upgrade the 3-month pass to a 12-month pass? Or do I need to buy monthly passes for the rest of the year? Thanks!

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I’ll direct you to this article, which will give you this information (that says that you can upgrade):

If your Kickstarter rewards (or pre-order selections) include a pass for 3, 6 or 9 months of Gizmoplex access, you can upgrade to a full 12 month pass whenever you’re ready.

We’ll even give a special backer discount on the regular price.

Just email us at and let us know the email address you used for your Kickstarter pledge, and we’ll walk you through the rest!


Excellent. Thanks!


Very welcome - cheers! :smiley:


Folks, if anyone is wavering about this decision, just do it (assuming you have the funds). A very simple and speedy process, and the discount I got was remarkably generous.
The upgrade also included downloads for Season 13.