SOLVED: Vault Pass Questions

Have we transitioned to the next month of vault pass? Will the previous vault pass movies be available when the next month is sent out? Also is there a way to watch the kingadome live casts with someone? I am at work on a tugboat and my gf is at home and we wanted to watch together? Would we need two different backer accounts? Thanks for the help andsorryif this was already covered


Last question first, right now, yes I think you would both need an account. There will be a way to do watch parties in future, but the details haven’t been worked out yet.

The vault pass is going to be … different moving forward. The team created the idea of the vault pass because they weren’t sure if they would be able to stream the entire back catalogue. Starting sometime soon (did we get an actual date, anyone? Bueller?) every episode will be available (and for a limited time, available ad-free) in the Gizmoplex. What that means for the March vault picks, I’m not sure.

The Kingadome is only live during the live events. Right now the only way to use the Kingadome is if you have access to the Virtual theater. Backers are slowly getting added to the beta test for the virtual theater site. Once everything goes live in May, you will need either a monthly gizmoplex pass or a one time pass to view the live events.


I believe that you can both sign in at the same time using the same account. The basic idea is that there should be one account per household. I think that’s the guidance I remember seeing before.

As for Vault Picks, I think they’ll still stick around because they likely recorded 12 months of sketches revolving around that month’s theme for the live events that aren’t the episode premieres. So instead of them being the only classic episodes you can watch without owning them, they’ll be highlighted episodes.

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And they should be ad-free.

Thank you all for the help and info. Hope you are all there tonight!