SOLVED: Vault Pick: Closed Captions For *Bride Of The Monster* Won't Turn Off

So far, this doesn’t seem to affect any of the other Picks. So… not sure what’s happening. :thinking:

(In Firefox 105.0.1)


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I am getting this as well and it was kind of driving me crazy. I am glad it’s not just me.


Also what’s up with the red curtains on the sides of the screen for the vault picks? when was this added?

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Looks like the closed captions are actually burned into the video. If you turn them on you’ll see two sets, one of which can be manipulated (size, font, etc).


After dinking around for a few minutes, I can see the options for changing one’s caption preferences. But none of them work for me. But yeah I see what you mean about one set being “permanent.”

I don’t know how this is actually a solution. :confused:

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Not happening in the AppleTV app.

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I’m relieved that others are having this issue as well… it’s kind of annoying, but it reminded me of the Annotated episodes on YouTube. I really enjoyed those.

Also, I don’t really mind the curtains…

The “Vault Picks“ have been great. It’s prompts me to rewatch episodes that I normally wouldn’t. I haven’t watched the goofiness of The Undead in ages. The riffs are really solid.

Side Question: what do you think of the new MST3K? Is this something you’ll pay for again?


I can find nor offer any solution, but I do hope it gets fixed, I had a difficult time reading the text in the intro and outro, and I’d like to get a screengrab of the Gizmoblip san captions.

And number me as one who approves of the curtains

I gave this post a vote, if that helps at all.

This is also the case for me in the MST3K Android app. It seems strange that it’s not happening in the AppleTV app, but it’s possible certain apps are streaming a different data source.

Oh I don’t have a solution other than “someone needs to re-encode the video without the captions burned in.” I was just determining what the root cause is. It’s not that the captions are turned on, it’s that the video itself has words in it, which happen to match the captions.

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I’m seeing the captions in the Roku app.

The curtains are instead of just black bars on the 4:3 ratio episodes, and I also heartily approve.

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Friendly reminder. Don’t just comment, you need to vote so @ivan’s team is aware of the issue.

Oh, thanks. lol. I was reading late last night/early morning while trying to finish a project. I thought this was the secret steps to correcting the issue & I was the only one not getting it. :yawning_face:

Silly potroast! Never finish a project as long as there’s MST3K to watch!

I have two hands and two eyes, though. :person_juggling:

We’re working on a fix for this now. Should be corrected by tonight. Apologies for the over-accessibility!


I don’t come to the Gizmoplex to read!! :rofl:

Yeah! I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

And I’m all out of ass.

This should now be fixed. Please let me know if you still see the version with captions burned in!


A quick check of both the VHX site and the Gizmoplex theater and no captions, natively. Captions do still work in both locations if requested.

Thanks, @ivan