SOLVED: Video fridge navigation issue

On page 1 the first three in the top row are “A Case of Spring Fever”, “Alien from L.A.”, and “Angels Revenge”. Then say, on page 3 it’s “Cry Wilderness”, “Danger!! Death Ray”, and “Design for Dreaming”.

If I click on “Danger!! Death Ray” while on page 3, the screen for that pops up, great.

When I then click for instance the right arrow for that popup of “Danger!! Death Ray”, I’d expect to go to “Design for Dreaming”, but instead it goes to “Angels Revenge”.

It’s as if the popup is for the 2rd video on the 3rd screen (Danger), but the arrow navigates as if it’s on the 2rd video for the 1st screen (Alien from LA). And indeed, if I select left from Angels Revenge it goes to Alien from LA.

This happens for other pages, not just 3rd, and other videos and not just 2nd. Navigate for any popup, and it acts like it’s the first page.

I’m on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS, Firefox 98.0 (64-bit)


Is that what it’s doing? I noticed the same thing but couldn’t figure out the pattern to report it. It seemed to just pop up a random episode.

Win10 Chrome version 99.0.4844.51

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That’s the pattern for me at least, and it’s consistent.

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Hey @faehnrich, is this still glitching for you? We’re going through and seeing what still needs to be fixed.


Yes this was fixed with one of the site upgrades.

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