SOLVED: Video Fridge Sorting etc

This is similar to another thread, but hopefully different enough. Sorting by date vs A-Z does not change the sorting properly. The episodes appear randomized, and the random order just slightly changes between the two settings. It looks like purchases and vault pics are not time stamped the same way, because Pod People magically stays on top with the other purchases.

A related curiosity is that episodes I purchased at VHX come up as rented. Also, an exit button might be nice …?


There are several sorting issues with the canisters. (I suspect meta data is the cause).

As for an exit button, that’s what the cambot in the upper right is for.


I’ll add to this: It’s unclear what “DATE” refers to, when sorting. It could be purchase date, air date, or date it was added to the site. Either DATE should have a submenu letting one specify which date to use or the label should be clear about what date will be used in the sort.

I also don’t see a way to reverse the sort order, which would be handy.

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Bunkers have been updated several times; most of the settings mentioned above no longer exist or have been merged.

Closing topic!

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