SOLVED: Why are the shorts (sort of) blocked?

To the powers that be - if this is the wrong location for this post, you have my permission to move it.

So I went into the library to watch some shorts. I select one. In the Up Next part, a majority of shorts are inaccessible (lock icon lower left). Including the little oddity of viewable OR locked for Money Talks! (picture)

Will this be fixed, or do we have to go back to the main menu of shorts to select a new one to watch?



@Steve_Schilling Can you confirm how you’re navigating in your library to watch the shorts? Did you select your personal “Watchlist”, or a specific product (like the “Shorts Collection”)?

Knowing what led you to the screenshot you shared will help diagnose it!


Here’s the route I take (and I’ll drive off that bridge when I get to it).

Library to Purchased. Purchased to Shorts Collection. SC to whatever short I’m in the mood for. When I get to the short, Up Next shows the locked and availables. Picture from that point just now.

Does this help? Where am I going wrong (if I am)? Many thanks!

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That was very helpful, thanks!

Give it another shot now: quit and reopen the app, and see if it still shows you the same list of “Up Next” videos, including ones that have locks on them?

Might have figured out why it was doing that.


Doesn’t show the Up Next feature now, so it seems to have been fixed. Many thanks for working the voodoo that you do so well!