Songs That Turned into Memes (and some none of you guys ever heard of)

Since the birth of YouTube, popular songs from a long time ago turned into memes (EX: Bohemian Rhapsody, Rasputin, Careless Whisper). But what about songs that nobody else ever heard of that recently turned into memes?

The only song I can think of right now that was once underrated is Camel by Camel by Sandy Marton. Also, DO NOT ask me how I discovered the song.

What other old/new songs can you guys think of that turned into memes?

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Can’t believe this is as old as it is already…


Numa Numa! So many memories….

My personal favorite meme songs are Leek Spin (Llevan Polkka) and Caramelldansen. The latter of which just turned 20 a few days ago…(the original version, not the sped up nightcore version lol.) But we don’t have to talk about that :woozy_face: