Sorting the Thread Comments

Hello everyone!
I was just poking around the forums and immediately thought “Why can’t I sort the comments within the threads?”

Maybe I’m just not seeing that option anywhere, but it would be nice to be able to sort the comments along the lines of what they have over on YouTube, where you can view comments in chronological order, with replies to specific comments branching-off from there.

As it stands right now, on these forums, it looks like a giant comment-dump, I can’t tell who’s replying to who, or if some people are just starting their posts mid-paragraph in some bizarre attempt to confuse me as to what they might be talking about or replying to.

Thank you for your time.

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It takes a little getting used to. The threads are always in chronological order, newest posts at the bottom. If a poster replies to an older post using the reply button that belongs to the original post, the original post is referenced at the top of the new reply, so readers can work their way back up the chain if they want to.

The quote function is also heavily used here, which makes it much easier to know what a new post is referring to. There’s been some grumbling about the reply button at the bottom of each thread. Technically, yes, it’s “replying” to the thread, but with the other reply buttons you’re replying to a specific post, so … kinda confusing.

Ideally that bottom button should read “Post,” “New Post,” etc.

Basically, if you’re replying to a specific post, use the reply button that’s part of that post – or use the quote function – otherwise use the reply button at the bottom of the thread.


I have the same difficulty.

I’ve been hacking on a Greasemonkey script to make the threads more readable (i.e. Reddit-style) for myself.

This is the latest version as of today. You can Reply and Like, but you can’t currently Unlike that which has been Liked.

Non, it is just the way Discourse has it by default.

There is or there are a few GM scripts to make it variously like a subreddit or as rogueamuffin has it, which I have not tried.