Sound in Mike Episodes

I rely on Mystery Science Theater to get me through boring treadmill runs. While watching every Joel episode in sequence, I once lost 15 pounds.

Unfortunately, I cannot get the sound right on the Mike episodes. This problem manifests on both YouTube and the Gizmoplex. I am using Pixel 3a buds with either a Pixel 3XL or a Lenovo X12 with Windows 11.

At different times, I believed it was just my preference or taste. However, on the “Tribute to Future War,” Jonah’s short was fine in the audio department, but even if I turned my buds all the way, I could barely hear what is happening in the actual Sci Fi era episode.

Am I alone in experiencing this problem. Am I missing a basic configuration setting to amplify the audio?
Thank you!


Have you tried subtitles? That usually does it for me if I’m in a challenging audio situation.

Also, depending on your video player, you might have audio options. Something like VLC will let you boost the gain and also adjust and equalizer, letting you push up the mid-range to hear the dialog better.


I have tried this, but not every episode is available for download and I was hoping to watch as them all while they were available this year. I like streaming more because I am always running out of storage space on my phone.

I am hoping for an official solution.


I can’t really offer much in the way of solutions, but I do suggest you pop a vote up there at the top so @ivan’s team is aware of the problem.

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Fair enough. Oh yes, I’m assuming you’d play legit downloads.

It’s been years now, but I did used to have a good equalizer app, probably back in the Windows 7 or maybe XP days. It let me adjust the sound setup for all windows audio. I’m decades out of date on the Windows options, but you might find something that can give you some audio post-processing options.


You seriously buried the lede here my friend! You once watched every Joel episode in sequence while on a treadmill? No wonder you lost weight!



Hahaha! I’m not quite sure how I should have phrased it. I went to the gym about 120 times over the course of a year. Forty-five to 60 minutes a day can keep the fat away.


MST3K and the treadmill. Same here