Space Mutiny nicknames

Not sure where I picked this up, but had this list for reference in my phone notes for the last 7 years or so

  • Beat PunchBeef
  • Big, Brave Brick of Meat
  • Big McLargeHuge
  • Blast HardCheese
  • Blast ThickNeck
  • Bob Johnson
  • Bold BigFlank
  • Bolt VanderHuge
  • Brick HardMeat
  • Buck PlankChest
  • Buff DrinkLots
  • Buff HardBack
  • Butch DeadLiff
  • ChunkHead
  • Chunky
  • Crud BoneMeal
  • Crunch ButtSteak
  • Dirk HardPec
  • Fist RockBone
  • Flink
  • Flint IronStag
  • Fridge LargeMeat
  • Gristle McThornBody
  • Hack BlowFist
  • Hunk
  • Lump BeefBroth
  • Punch RockGroin
  • Punch Side-Iron
  • Punt SpeedChunk
  • Reef BlastBody
  • Roll Fizzlebeef
  • Punch Side-Iron
  • Slab BulkHead
  • Slab SquatThrust
  • Slam
  • Slate Fistcrunch
  • Slate SlabRock
  • Smash LampJaw
  • Smoke ManMuscle
  • Splint ChestHair
  • Stump BeefKnob
  • Stump Chunkman
  • Thick McRunFast
  • Touch RustRod
  • Trunk SlamChest
  • Whip SlagCheek



Rifftrax did it in 2018, and since it’s the same three that watched it for MST3K, the three new names should also count:

Lunk Drywall!
Stiff Shakestone!
Thump Peckwich!


Now TECHnically they did the same thing in ep 524 12 to the Moon. (I always thought of that as the prototype for Space Mutiny later.) Last time I watched it I tried to note down each reference in order:

“I’m Captain Cliff Beefpile.”
“I’m Sledge Riprock.”
“Tank Concrete, astronaut!”
“Ronk Drywall.”
“Stump Hugelarge at the controls.”
“Chunk Pylon here.”
“Chunk Manmusk.”
“Captain Rod Codpiece on the MOOOOOON!!”
“Sledge Fisthand.”
“Clint Starmember!”
“Is this the end of Captain Chunk Hardslab??”
“Yep, I’m pure beef.”
“I’m Chunk Ironchest, and I won!!”


Ward e has you covered:

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