Special Season 13 HOST SEGMENT (!!) Storyline Request

I have something I very much want to see. I don’t have “write-something-for-the-show” type money to buy my way in, but hear me out here…

So, the show has lots of clones running around. Because of the success of the #kickstarter-s13 this year, Joel Robinson is also returning to the show. MST3K also has a history of putting their behind-the-scenes talent (I refuse to call them staff since they’ve all got talent) on-screen for cameos and minor roles. During the Final Telethon livestream, something happened that inspired me (you can probably see where this is going)…

I want to see (at least) a host segment where one of the Mads clones Joel. The clone would then be played by Matt McGinnis (@mattmcg22), whose Joel impression was one of the greatest things I’ve seen in… I don’t even know how long.

Please tell me what you all think in the poll below.
Is this a good idea, or am I whackadoo-bananas? (I take criticism well.)

  • Yes, please convince Matt to be a Joel clone on-screen!!
  • No (for whatever reason)
  • Indifferent… I have no opinion either way.

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What do you think, sirs?


Hear me out… what if the cloning went wrong, and instead of cloning an exact copy of him, they made an impersonation of him? That way it explains why they don’t look alike, but his impersonation acts just like him.


Could also be used to explain the appearance of Mr Van Damme


Option #1: That could definitely work. They’d just have say make sure they avoided saying anything went wrong (which implies a problem with Matt, which of course isn’t true) and stuck with either “some things changed” or "differences occurred when someone (“MAX!!”) didn’t clean out the cloning chamber like they were supposed to.

Option #2: Say that he isn’t the first clone attempt they tried. After all, Mega-Cynthia is much taller than Pearl, so the further down the line, the more they change, right?

Option #3: He’s a clone of a younger Joel.

Option #4: Have the make-up/wardrobe people make him look as much like Joel as possible and, even though there are some differences, everyone pretends they just don’t notice the differences except for one character.

I could see a scene with the 2 of them (one in Moon 13 and the other… in the/a satellite??) and they’re looking at each other and someone (maybe Crow) sees massive differences everyone else doesn’t see. Tom could say something like, “It seems like something might be a little different, but… nope, I’m just not seeing it. They’re clearly identical in every way possible.”


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