SPOILER DISCUSSION: Episode 1307, Gamera Vs. Jiger

That is a siren’s song that sings to me.


I thought this was one of the best and funniest episodes of the season to date, up there with SANTO and BEYOND ATLANTIS. It seemed like the writers didn’t want to let Gamera down, and brought their A-games. Susan’s bloodthirstiness, Gamera’s Broadway solo, and especially that Irish punk funeral song all utterly slayed me. Every sketch landed, and the movie, to me, was that unique brand of terrible that made it funny in its own right.

I mean: “It’s OK, young children, go out unsupervised to see the giant atomic monsters fight! You’ll be safe now that the giant rocket-powered turtle has shown up” is just legendarily bad parenting. With lines like that, who needs riffs?


Turtle Meat is Comfort Food.

Riffing another Gamera movie is MST3K as it gets.


The scene where Gamera walks for like 5 minutes straight and the camera pans left following him as Jonah and the bots sing to this “Disney princess” type scene where Gamera is sorrowful that he is a friend to all children and yet who gives him friendship, was a beautiful, beautiful thing.

This movie was dieja-vu in it’s fight scenes, and silly in it’s plot, but the riffs were comedic gold.

One of the most enjoyable episodes I’ve seen to date.


I’m late bc of COVID, but this one was really, really strong. Much better than Yongary.

The brutal kaiju puppet violence throughout was insane. Woof.


Speediest of recoveries to you, skemlo, and all the best.


This episode was riffing gold it should be available to download today.


The gamera link is up to download! The new short is also available to view!


Just watched this one now, I’m a little behind :wink: But I think I speak for everyone when I say I completely approve making this one longer and not cutting anything - where could you cut? The whole thing is GOLD!!! This season has been a lot of fun and every episode has been pretty strong, but there’s been some standouts too and this is definitely one of them!


If you told me during the interview that you were part of that, I’d immediately lower my offer. :black_heart:


Did anyone else notice that the actor playing the chieftain of Wester Island was the driven-mad guy from Genocide/War Of The Insects (as seen on Cinematic Titanic)?

Also, I think the guy in charge of the Yellow Hat dock workers was the same guy in charge of the road-building work crew in Gamera vs Gyaos. The guy has a niche.


Oh yeah that was loaded with recognizable actors.

I didn’t spot Kôjirô Hongô (the foreman in Gyaos) and can’t find a credit for him at the Gamera wiki, but maybe (he used to be embarrassed by his Gamera roles and it took him a while before he’d acknowledge them). But Chico Lourant (sometimes known as Roland) is there for sure, along with his fellow Insects actor Franz Gruber (Dr. Williams).

There was a group of actors who showed up in Gamera films regularly in different roles. A few of them…

Daihachi Kita, who played the hotel manager who wanted the fish in Zigra, was one of the mechanics.

The cowardly photographer who gets eaten in Gyaos was one of the yellow helmet workers.

You’ll also find Col Sanders of Zigra fame (Sho Natsuki), and many others

Gamera vs. Jiger - The Godzilla Cineaste


Ah, you know, I think it was probably Shin Minatsu I spotted, who has been in just about every Gamera movie of that era. I knew I had seen him before, but wasn’t sure if he was the crew lead in Gyaos or not. I seemed to recall that actor being a bit more handsome and leading-man-ish than the yellow hat in this film.

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I went to take a look, and yeah that’s Shin, he was also eaten by Gyaos, and was the dolphin lover in Zigra and was in the first Gamera, and Barugon, so he was a Gams regular.

You’re right, Kojiro Hongo was more leading man handsome, he was the foreman in Gyaos, and the protagonist in Barugon.


Gamera vs Barugon is still the most connected MST3K film in the network graph, thanks in large part to the cast reuse in the franchise. I need to rerun the pull and possibly update my code, because it’s missed some connections like Shin Minatsu for Gamera vs Jiger.


were you using IMDB for that? Because their Jiger page is missing quite a few names, including Shin and Kita.

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Yes, I use a Python library that scrapes IMDb. Some of the gaps in the graph are indeed due to incompleteness on their site listings.


They’ve updated the aforementioned scraping library and I’m getting notably different results now. I’ll likely update the network graph later, expect to see some changes (and still some lacunae).

One thing I stumbled across - Lurene Tuttle, who plays the judge in Untamed Youth, is also the reporter’s wife in Parts. She was a busy, busy actor.


Did anyone else catch the “Susan Rage” riff in Gamera vs. Jiger? It’s when they are trying to jump start Gamera. I haven’t seen that short riffed in MST3K or did I miss it? Rifftrax has riffed it and the riff in Gamera vs Jiger from Jonah can only be about one thing - The short “Don’t Get Angry”.

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Just rewatched the episode. Came to it fresh. I liked it better this time. Still not my favorite this season, but this season set an exceptionally high bar. There are good riffs throughout, and the host segments (especially the drinking song) are a lot of fun. I think maybe part of it was how much they talked up how difficult it was to riff the whole movie without making cuts. It colored my expectations as I was watching. But they do a good job of finding fresh riffs for the repeated “action” and ways to fill the time when nothing is happening.

(Although there was still room for some comment about the whole “Okay, you two kids pilot a sub down the giant turtle’s throat. We’ll attach these giant high voltage cables. Just plug them in to his heart. You’re 13, so you should be fine…” scene.)

Definitely a lot better the second time around.