SPOILER DISCUSSION: Episode 1308 The Batwoman

OK, the ending wasn’t that sad because this was made in Mexico in 1967. You think the movie industry would let a woman stay a strong heroine right to the end? Nope.
Does Mega stay a teenager until Season 14, because that would be cool.
And I didn’t think the place would fall apart so quickly…or that he’d be off the hook in two weeks. I’d prefer having Kinga look for a new assistant.
That’s when Emily makes her move…since she’s now 2% bot.
Wait, is Jonah related to her, since he’s a bot (or part of a plot for Dr. St. Phibes to keep him)?


Wow those fight scenes and extremely unlikely turnabouts had us hysterically laughing.
Oh and the car chase that somehow required the bad guys to put on those Lone Ranger masks for some reason.
Was someone in the car going to recognize them?
All that was funny without the riffs. Add in the great job by team Emily and I thought it was the funniest wrestling themed episode of the season!


Dr. Cabal being revealed as the leading climate scientist of the 1910s was quite the nonexistent surprise


Glad they got maximum riffing value from Peecees, but… wow. If true, that was Larry Buchanan levels of We Just Didn’t Care. :roll_eyes:


Anybody who wasn’t sold on Team Emily before this episode certainly should be now.

Batwoman herself was… maybe not the greatest superheroine? I mean, she did beat people up instead of just shoving them with her feet like TV’s Batgirl, so points for that. But she also let herself get disarmed by a middle-aged, overweight gunsel, and she fainted like a damsel in distress when confronted by the fish-man monster with the visible zipper. So points off for that.

Maura Monti looked very good in a bikini, and so did her wrestling double, and so did her swimming double.

Dr. Williams and Igor seemed like what you would get if you had Harvey Korman and Tim Conway do a mad scientist sketch.

Loved Sudden Teenage MegaSynthia, and thought her duck tape dispenser had real potential. The end of my duct tape is always getting stuck to the roll, and I could use that a lot more than the Two Degrees of Vin Diesel machine.

This was Max’s funniest episode ever, I think.

Took issue with Matt’s statement that the season is almost over. It’s only 61.5% over, thanks. We’ve got episodes until Yuletide. And I did enjoy Emily’s casually planning for “next season.”

What about Emily’s cryptic comment about a “space family reunion” in the season finale, and quickly shushing Kelsey when she thought she might spill the beans. Might we see the return of some past MST3K luminary(ies) we haven’t seen on the relaunched show yet?


Yeah or a general dubbing issue, like direction or enunciation.


Or at the “ending” with the mouse.

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Has anyone else notice that the doc is “Two-Face” in this movie. Even half of face hit with acid.


That was a lame attempt to end the movie with a moment of lighthearted ironic humor… oh look, she defeated desperate criminals and mad scientists but she’s afraid of a little mouse… like action/adventure TV shows always did back then. They did everything but the freeze-frame at the end.


I’m trying really hard to not ride with recency bias or let the feel-good high of a new episode cloud my judgment, but… this is a contender for my favorite episode of Season 13.

I mean, I enjoyed the hell out of Beyond Atlantis, but this one felt like it went above and beyond. HOLY COW, they just straight-up clobbered this one out of the park! Seriously, Team Emily is kicking this the hell through the goalposts, and crazy hearty kudos go to Emily, Kelsey, Conor, and Yvonne.

The movie didn’t feel overly painful or aggravatingly bland. It was the right amount of silly and conviction without piling up too much of one or the other. You had fun fights and chases and all, and the red Sleestak is a HOOT. You couldn’t take the villain seriously, especially after the “ACID!” Batman sound effect riff and the observation about his action figure in the aquarium, and you certainly couldn’t take the heroine any more seriously with the gang chiming in about her not knowing when to wear her costume or her hilariously brief workout sessions.

I was screaming at all the callbacks, like the “HOT MERGING ACTION!” and “Watch out for snakes,” and of course, Spanish “Every Country Has a Monster.” When I saw “Reptilicus” on the side of the boat, I reflexively went “HEY, IT’S-” and then the gang did their thing. Oh, man, they did their thing.

And it’s not just the callbacks, but all the riffs! That whole section when we got the Lucy boat and had a barrage of great riffs after great riffs after great riffs… just… damn.

This show is a plate of your favorite snacks and a warm mug of cocoa. The absolute best. I’m SO GRATEFUL that we all have this, that we can all -share- this experience here like that.

Season 13. What a hell of a ride!


But now I have to wonder… are there going to be consequences as a result of Max letting the place go up in flames? Is this all part of a master plan from Pearl to make a play for control of the experiment? And what about Scarecrow’s brain? (Well, not that last part.)

From more of an observational standpoint, I have to say this: Yvonne was an absolute hoot as Mega-Synthia. Loved the hell out of her presenting the Duct Tape Duck Dispenser, showing up as Mega-Batwoman, and dancing around in the background as the moon base goes up in flames. I don’t know how much of an increased role Mega-Synthia will play in the final stretch of Season 13 episodes, but I do hope we see more of her.

Of course, it’s terrific to see Growler and Waverly brought back into the unfolding zaniness!


Amen to all of this.

And thank you for putting this so, so well.


Another highlight was the narration when Batwoman comes out and wanders around the empty gym… “What should Batwoman do? Look to the left… or the right?..”

And there was a Rocky Horror riff, which is always a good sign.


I don’t know who it is on Team MST3K that loves Homestar Runner (if it’s a someone or multiple someones), but I’m grateful for all the fun jokes that came out of that Homestar Runner love.

That “head asplode” riff? Sublimely fantastic.


Almost forgot: THE VIN DIAGRAM!!! :smiley:

Wonderfully inspired lunacy. Everything you could want out of an Invention Exchange.


I wonder what Rene Cardona movie they’ll go after next? Bermuda Triangle? Zindy, the Swamp Boy?


[sigh] Didn’t Zindy end with the hero dying? Even Munchie didn’t end with the hero dying. :upside_down_face:

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Bermuda would be great, as long as they cut out the scenes with the slaughter of sharks. Can’t remember how graphic the human deaths got in that one? But Pumaman’s Vadinho was in it.

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On Yvonne… the added, “Waaack!” as she pulled the tape… “chefs kiss”