SPOILER filled Munchie talk

Because I hate wading through one blurred post after another, can we please have threads for folks who have seen it and want to openly discuss the episode and movie, post quotes or screenshots without all that?

If you’ve not seen it yet, avoid this thread.

You’ve been warned

Last chance… :wink:


For some reason I just didn’t want to go through all 2392 posts at the Livestream thread (ha), but did you discuss the broken guitar bit?

I swear I’ve seen that before, in fact, before Jonah broke it, I thought “Oh, this is the busted guitar bit?” Was that from an earlier MST episode (like the chattering teeth plant, seen earlier in this season and inspired by a bit from Joel’s first KTMA episode), or maybe Joel’s stand-up?

As for the movie, I’m with Matt and Joel, it’s not the worst thing they’ve ever shown. I was expecting worse for all the talk about it.

I enjoyed the experiment, got a lot of laughs out of it in the theater, the riffing was hilarious - not so much the Host Segs (though that final exchange between Emily and her bots in their Livestream bookend pieces, was a hoot, and it was great seeing Dr. St. Phibes again)

Not sure where’s I’d rank it, Beyond Atlantis is still the peak for me, after that? Santo had a lot of charm and I prefer the movie, but Munchie was packed with pin-point riffs. (The Eastern Promises reference and the broad Italian stereotype speak at the restaurant, “Mama Mia, the pizza she a glow like a the virgin Mary”) :rofl:


I would like to know children’s reaction to Munchie, because I have a feeling most of them would really be okay with it, even things like Gage saying he wanted to die. I think if some 10-year-old had gone to Blockbuster in the 90s and rented Munchie, they would probably be fine with it. I mean I’m sure they would know it wasn’t cinematic excellence, but it just wasn’t that bad to me when looked at from that perspective. Yes, the puppet was bizarre and terrible, but since when do kids care about that?

Also, yes, the broken guitar bit was done by Joel as an invention exchange in Crash of the Moons.



Oh good, thanks for that. I was racking my brains trying to remember


The Rock & Wreck guitar was a Joel invention in Crash of Moons, so yeah … that’s a bit of a retread.


Well that was odd.

EDIT: Oh! Sorry—when I posted, @FlyingSquid’s post didn’t show up for some reason, so it looked like you replied before I did.


Twilight Zone moment.

And were these new commercials, they seemed new to me (though I admit, I sometimes zone out on ads). I still love it when Synthia tries to imitate or react to whatever Pearl is saying. That’s so funny.


Yes, definitely new commercials.


I’d be curious about that too. I look back at my youth, and a lot of the fairytales we were exposed to were very dark. And Harry Potter? Yeah, send your kids off to a place where they’ll be attack by spiders in a forest and exposed to other terrible dangers.

I’d have probably related to or empathized with Gage, having to deal with a-hole bullies and that principal.


Ok, now about the movie, I’ve been to Vitello’s. I used to live a few blocks from it in fact. So that was really weird to see popping up.


What the actual heck was that? That thing… the puppetty claymationy thing? I literally shrieked out loud when I saw it. It was one of those breathless, desperate screams of terror you imagine you’d give if you saw your impending grisly demise. And I kept shrieking, trying to keep it down since it was 11:00 and I’m sure my neighbors already think I’m a nutcase. I was still unsteady long after the riffers calmed down. There should have been a trigger warning for abject horror!

I don’t think the movie was as bad as Manos. The cringe factor was at least as high though. And it felt like the entire second half the riffers were reaching desperately for any little thing they could play off of as the movie spiraled further and further into corny banality. That said, they landed some darned good ones.


I dunno, he didn’t freak me out that much. Even with that creepy fixed smile

And the stories they shared during the Q&A, wow, I looked it up after, saw this piece…


Here’s one of the craziest things about the Blake incident. I went to a yarn store up the street from Vitello’s with my wife while we were in the area one day and there were a huge number of media vans. Why? Because Robert Blake had just been acquitted and he was celebrating- AT VITELLO’S!

What a freakin’ ghoul.


I agree that the horribleness of the movie didn’t live up to the hype (or… what’s the reverse of hype? Epyh?) It was nowhere near being a good movie and the puppet was just awful, but parts of it were legit funny… the crazed pizza chef running down the street with a cleaver was funny, but hilarious with the riffs added.

The fact that the movie obviously didn’t take itself seriously probably made me more sympathetic to it.

I think maybe I laughed more at this movie than I have at any since the broadcast era. It is the high point of MST3K 2.0 for me, so far.

Emily’s segments were great too, and it looks like she and Jonah are conspiring to have more of these crossovers in the future.

Was this the first time we’ve ever seen a host actually flee the theater without a Break Sign? I always assumed the oxygen got cut off about 30 seconds after Movie Sign, hence the mad dash for the theater.

But yeah, this one is a keeper.



I just finished watching this and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! The crew freaking out and fleeing the theater was the correct response. Holy crap, who thought that was right for a kids movie?

Anyway, I can see why they hated writing for this movie, but the results were good. Solid riffing all around, and it was great seeing the adorable Dr. Donna St. Phibes again. I’d love to see a series of shorts with her discussing various movie monsters. Speaking of shorts, I really liked the Emily crew segments before and after the stream, too. Taxidermied Crow was fantastic!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go and resist the urge to take off and nuke the site from orbit just in case Munchie actually exists.


Also, I’ll watch Arte Johnson in pretty much anything. He’s really charming. He also did the audiobooks for a bunch of Dave Barry books and he was great.


She’d be a perfect guest during “Sythnia’s Selects”, for any creature feature, featured in a vault pick.


I have to be honest, her fake British accent drives me nuts. As someone who was born from a British father, partially raised by British grandparents and who spent a decent amount of time in Britain, obviously fake British accents are like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.


It sounds more vaguely Australian to me.


She used some Britishisms in Munchie at the beginning, but I can’t remember what they were now.