SPOILERS - Demon Squad

So, I went searching, and maybe my search-fu is weak, but I didn’t see a thread dedicated to discussing Demon Squad like there is for Dr. Mordrid. So, unless someone can point me to one, I’m starting one now. I just started the episode, and will provide some thoughts as I watch it over time.

Here’s my first thoughts from the first few minutes:

  • I LOVE the bit about Dr. Erhardt’s horrible squeaky voice
  • Wait… how is Joel ALIVE in the year 3000?
  • Primary evidence that Synthia is truly EVIL - She actually LIKES circus peanuts

That’s just from me being four minutes in. I’m excited to have Joel back again in an episode proper.

Again, if there’s already a thread for this somewhere, I apologize. Feel free to merge this one into that one… if that’s possible on this platform!


08:30 - For some reason the dude trying to pick up the demon at the bar gives me a real “Nate Begle” vibe. I know that we’re not supposed to talk about him around here for “some reason”, but he just does. I think it’s the hat maybe.


10:10 - I literally did a spit take at “Blue Steel”. Perfection!

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13:14 - Wow, the filmmakers couldn’t afford to at least get more than a couple of props to dress up their generic cubicle in an empty office building?

15:20 - Why is Nick Moon (I can’t believe Nate Begle is our protagonist!) so SWEATY? They missed a “Mitchell” style opportunity to joke about the sweat.


17:21 - Okay, as a “computer guy”, I have to complain - motherboards do NOT spark like that… especially not when NOT PLUGGED IN. Ugh, what were they THINKING???

18:12 - “Fedorable” is now added to my own personal lexicon.


19:16 - Is Nick Moon’s assistant having a stroke right there? Look at those eyes!

19:25 - AH, THERE’S The sweaty Mitchell joke I was waiting for!!!

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21:30 - I’m SHOCKED that Joel knows who Selena Gomez even is… maybe I’m just in “old man” mode here… but old guys keeping up with youth culture? Unthinkable!!!

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21:55 - Ummm… that’s NOT ectoplasm Nick… ewww…

22:35 - “Just the tip”… OMG dying over here!

In another thread there was a link to a nice interview with the filmmakers and I think they said it was 2 years in post production for effects and music. There were some great effects!

Great to see Joel in host segments for the first time in 20+ years. Sooo fun!

I probably won’t get to watch live tonight :frowning:

26:36 - Really neat to see a digital reproduction of the Joel door sequence!


28:02 - Whoah, I guess I didn’t notice it during the movie sequences, but what is up with Tom’s voice this time? I don’t know who the actor is, but their voice is SO much more high pitched than either Kevin or Baron… I hope that’s just for this skit…

30:45 - "The square what… the square WHAT??? " Oh, love it…

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32:24 - “The Men’s Wearhouse Repo men!” My favorite kind of joke on MST3k… the Running Gag!

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33:03 - Clown nose noise at the grabbing of the balls… it’s jokes like these that will last the decades - long beyond the pop culture references…

33:59 - “Last I heard, he was merely unaccounted for.” Who TALKS LIKE THAT???

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35:41 - I want to know who the hell this creepy old man is in the background just STARING at Nick Moon… it almost looks like he’s checking him out…

35:51 - D&D Reference - LOVE IT! “4 strength, 4 stam leather belt?? Ugh… ooooggghhh!” Ventrilo Harassment - Joe - YouTube