SPOILERS: Kickstarter Rewards Unboxing & Discussion Thread!


My rewards came in yesterday, but I was out and didn’t get to open the box until this morning:

It wasn’t the best packing job, the challenge coin had spilled out of it’s packaging, and was rattling around the box on it’s own, but did not seem to damage anything else. Despite the stickers being overpacked in the same bubble pack envelope others have gotten, one corner of the bumper sticker has a fold from the way it was shoved into said envelope.

All in all, I am happy, and may throw the shirt on to wear out at Oktoberfest today. I have decided against testing the concession kit with beer and sausage. The cup isn’t nearly as large as my beer mug, and also lacks a convenient handle, while the popcorn bucket is entirely the wrong shape, and I doubt I could get any of the vendors to fill it with spaetzle for me.


HAHAHAHAHAHA I love this! Fantastic job!
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You must have pledged a lot to get a whole human in your order too.


I’ve only scanned the entire thread, so apologies if this is old news.

I received my swag (or is it merch?) yesterday and was surprised how large the posters were. Larger than any poster I’ve ever had.

I went looking for frames, and if you’ve done that, you know that frames that size (27 x 40 in) are just a wee bit expensive.

However, Michael’s is having a sale - buy one, get one free, or, if you only plan to frame 1, you can get 50% off. I have no clue how long the sale last, or if it’s something the do all the time.

I’d suggest going in store to look at the different models and actually putting your grubby hands on them - there is a wide variety of quality and price.

Pictures when I can figure out how to rearrange wall hangings.


If anyone here responded to the poll in the “waiting for rewards” thread and hasn’t updated their answer after receiving their rewards, here’s a quick and easy link for you to go back and update it.


Currently quarantining with COVID but receiving these brightened my day! Going to spend my recovery time seeing how the episodes look on blu-ray and figuring out where I’m going to stick my stickers.

I’m glad everything arrived as advertised…happy to have everything here, and will comment with any interesting observations. Until then…time to watch H.G. Welles’s The Shape of Things to Come, which I still haven’t seen all the way through.


Hope you feel better soon!


For those who got the BluRay and/or DVDs, how are the shorts packaged? Are they on their own disc, or are they interspersed throughout the movie DVDs?


Interspersed on the movie discs, on a separate “Shorts” submenu. There are two shorts on every Blu-ray, starting with “Pipeline To The Clouds” and “Let’s Make a Meal” on Disc 1.

Also, kudos to the crew at Shout! for creating the menus in the format of the pre-show flatimation countdowns, complete with Farid Barron Trio music! I saw our fave Twerkin’ Crow in there a few times.


Get well soon!
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Okay, I’ll admit Hampton did a good job on the rewards.

I will post more photos on my day off, but my blu-ray was the big one.


Don’t tell Hampton he did a good job. None of us want to encourage Hampton. Trust me.


Oh I’d never tell him that to his face. We need to exploit his slave labor as much as we can.

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A little more detailed for those curious: This is mostly correct, but the odd one out is Balance Beam for Girls, which is by itself on the Gamera vs. Jiger/Batwoman disc. I assume they placed it as the loner short because of Gamera’s extended runtime.

Also, The Mask is the loner episode of the discs, because they offer both 2D and 3D options for it.


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I think perfectly adequate for a single serving of popcorn is more accurate.


You made me compare my normal service size bowl from my Stir Crazy machine to this bucket…

Really hard to say without filling it up and transferring, but round things normally hold more than you think so I’m going to say the Gizmoplex bucket is a little less than my normal single serving for a movie.


With my laptop appropriately decorated and wearing my matching shirt to three classes and my workplace today, hopefully I’ll get to start at least a conversation or two. :smiley:


Single serving of popcorn: