SPOILERS: Your thoughts on Dr. Mordrid?

I didn’t see a topic for general thoughts on the episode so I’m creating one. If I missed it, please feel free to fold this into it or just smack me down for my presumption. :slight_smile:

EDIT: As was pointed out to me, this thread is for spoiler-y talk about the episode and so you can expect copious spoilers. :smiley:

I quite enjoyed the episode overall. I liked it way better than Munchie and, even though it’s not a great movie, I could watch it and mostly enjoy it, I think. I recognized the detective but I couldn’t think of where I’d seen him, but he played Kawalsky in Stargate SG-1. Plus, we have the great Jeffrey Combs from innumerable Star Trek appearances. I know he was in other things, but that’s where I know him. :slight_smile:

The host segments were fun, but I think my favorite moment was when Emily and Tom look at Crow, obviously wanting to harvest the bowling pin.

The Sodastream bit with Kinga and Max was pretty funny at the beginning, but I’ll admit that I don’t find the whole Cabal thing very interesting. I suppose it may pay off later but right now, those appearances don’t do much for me.

So… what do y’all think?


@TeriG, taking a cue from the spoiler-centric Munchie conversation, I added a “SPOILERS” notification to your thread title so that this can be a free conversation about all things pertaining to the Doctor Mordrid episode.

And to quote/paraphrase that first post from that Munchie conversation, this is a thread “for folks who have seen (Doctor Mordrid) and want to openly discuss the episode and movie, post quotes or screenshots without all that (blurred text)… If you’ve not seen it yet, avoid this thread.


That being said, I have a lot of thoughts, but I want to start in with this one: I LOVE THE (once again) RETURN OF DR. ERHARDT :smiley:


Oh, I should thought of that. I’m far too accustomed to being the last to see things. :smiley:


Oh, no worries, it’s all good! :smiley:

I’m just glad to see that there’s a conversation in place for this fun-as-hell episode. Cheers, and all the best!


I feel like every episode this season has topped the last. It may just be recency bias, but this one was definitely great.

That was classic


My thoughts are up here:


I felt like Munchie was not as fun as this… although again, it might be recency bias for me as well. :slight_smile:


This is what’s so tricky about judging these eps. Definitely what could be recency bias. It feels like I keep finding a new favorite each week, although Beyond Atlantis is showing some real potential in terms of staying power, although ALTHOUGH Munchie was pretty damn good, too.

The thing about Doctor Mordrid is that it has some really good riffing, some stuff on the level of Beyond Atlantis and Munchie, but what sets this apart is that the movie itself is more fun (and to some degree, coherent?) than Beyond Atlantis and Munchie, so there is that.

Then again, that Beyond Atlantis writing is hella sharp. Hmm. Anyways.

Yeah, this one was a lot of fun!


So far Munchie is my favorite episode this year, as it captured a cool balance between quality laughs and “WTF is this movie?” Of the two Emily episodes, Beyond Atlantis is funnier but Doctor Mordrid is such a fun movie.

Santo and Robot Wars trail the others, but I prefer the former to the latter.


Yeah, I actually liked the movie itself…which I can’t say for the other movies so far. :slight_smile:


I think he looked much cooler with his cape. I’m surprised they had him in just his pajamas or whatever for the big fight at the end.


True that. I think that the amulet was pretty neat looking as well.

…but what in the world was with him shoving plastic knives into his chest??? Does anyone know what was going on there?


Stinger-wise, this one was amazing, because that singing/dancing goober was HILARIOUS. As I said elsewhere, it had me thinking of Slurms McKenzie from Futurama going “WHIMMY WHAM WHAM WOZZLE!”

Really, just about all of the stingers this season have been bringing it, although I will say that I was hoping for a wackier (read: more haunting) moment from Munchie. The stingers are among my favorite things about MST3K, and Doctor Mordrid’s stinger felt like an appropriately silly endnote for an episode that was screamingly silly and funny.


It had 90s TV pilot cheese going on, but, y’know, GOOD 90s cheese, not Robot Wars cheese.

Also, I must take issue with Emily’s conditions for Christmas movies. By her criteria, Miracle On 34th Street would not be considered a Christmas movie (it came out in May), and that movie is literally about whether or not Santa Claus exists and whether or not he can make someone’s dreams come true on Christmas.


Only thing I can come up with is he would have a weapon when he astrally projected.

It’s thin I admit,


If I were to rank the movies by enjoyability this season, Mordrid would be top of the heap. I really enjoyed that flick when I watched it unriffed. I think I would say from most fun to least fun:

Doctor Mordrid
Demon Squad
Gamera vs. Jiger
The Shape of Things to Come
Santo in The Treasure of Dracula
The Million Eyes of Sumuru
Beyond Atlantis
The Christmas Dragon
Robot Wars

No opinion on Batwoman, Mask, and Bubble yet.


Two words: Yvette Nipar.


She’s great in the movie. I just wish it used her more.


I wasn’t sure if this thread would appear, so I’ll just repost what I posted over in the livestream thread:

I thought it was another home run of an episode. As soon as I heard the Lord Flashheart riff I knew it would be a good one.

Unfortunately I’ve been having serious issues with the stream the last couple episodes… near or at the end of the movie I start getting buffering, which gets worse and worse until my whole OS locks up and I have to do a hard reboot. (Last night it wanted to do a ChkDsk too.) I suspect this machine is beginning to fail and I’ll finally have to switch over to my newer computer with the dreaded Windows 10 on it.

So, I didn’t get to watch the aftershow until today.

I’d never seen the movie, but I wouldn’t classify it as a “bad” movie… just a low budget movie with a lot of heart and an eye-rolling similarity to Dr. Strange. All of the acting was fine, the sets were great, and the stop motion as good as any I’ve seen in a B movie.

I was crushing quite a bit on Yvette Nipar, who played Samantha, and am kind of sad she didn’t become a bigger star.

People were asking about Ritch Brinkley, who played Gunnar… he is probably best known as Carl the cameraman from Murphy Brown.

Mordrid’s lair is going down as one of my all-time favorite fictional homes, along with Bag End, the Burrow, Gull Cottage, and 221B Baker Street.

I noticed that the Strange Financier from the Future is being called “Dr. Kabahl” now in the credits. Has it always been like that, or did they change it in response to concerns about the anti-semitic history of “cabal?”

This episode feeds my theory that any movie can be effectively riffed regardless of quality. Dr. Mordrid was a competent film, although I thought the villain’s demise was a little too quick and easy.

Confirmation that Joel’s first movie in 30 years will be Demon Squad later this month. “Watch out, he’s gonna ska!” is already one of my favorite riffs from it.