SPOILERS: Your thoughts on Dr. Mordrid?

I am behind on the premiere episodes and I am working on Dr. Mordrid. I have suffered through Charlie Band movies before and I know he loved to build an incomprehensible backstory and take his time doing it. Yet, it’s so damn slow! Having trouble getting through it. Going to try and break it up into 2-3 segments. Anyone else have other suggestions on how to get through it?

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I don’t because I found it really easy to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie itself and the episode. It was way easier than Munchie was.

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Definitely to each his own. I finished it. Damn. For a sorcery, demon movie it was slow as hell. This is from someone who loves The Day Time Ended(Another Charlie Band mess). Maybe it was because the heroes of the film were so bland and you just didn’t give a crap if something happened to them.


Everyone has their preferences, so that’s just fine. …I also love Hamlet. :smiley:


I rewatched Mordrid as a test for my new TV

Then I re-watched Munchie - and the funny thing is that I’m of the opinion that Munchie has sharper quips, it’s really well written comedy, I love the phrasing of the riffs, love how tapped into the movie they are.

And yet… I had a better time with Mordrid - which has some sharp quips too, but honestly, they leaned hard into the dumb puns and silly word play with it.

Nevertheless, I find I enjoy Mordrid - and it’s one I like more and more with each viewing (with my first watch I was kind of “m’eh”, with the second, it was, “No, wait, this is a lot of fun” and by the third, I was convinced of it being one the (half) season highlights.)

Maybe it’s the movie that’s helping, yeah, it’s not the most scintillating tale, but contradictorily there’s also something engaging about it and the characters. And it doesn’t push my bad memory buttons (school bullies and ineffective dip-sh— adults)

And the line “If you had a nose, I’d punch you in it” - might not be highbrow, but it never fails to make me laugh like mad.


Doctor Mordrid and Beyond Atlantis are the only eps so far of the season that I’ve watched more than once, if that tells you anything…:laughing:

The host segments in this were great, I loved the landlord sorcerer skit and I also am surprised no one’s brought up the Gilbert-and-Sulli-phone invention exchange. Tom Servo’s spoof of “I am the very model of a modern major general” is brilliant and sooo funny, partly because I could totally imagine something like that in a real commercial haha (and then bookended by Kinga’s, “I think I made it clear that light musical verse is punishable by cutting your rations” :sob::rofl:)

Also I mentioned this a little in another thread but rewatching this episode made it really stand out to me that Emily’s style is that she’s just plain weird. I cannot stop being entertained by how impenetrably weird and slightly off-putting her sense of humor is, in her exaggerated reactions and sometimes totally off the wall jokes/terrible terrible puns. She gives off serious Weird Girl vibes and I am all about it, I love it so much :joy:


I did like the Gilbert and Sullivan phone.


Actually Mrs Golden specifically says she’s going to complain “to the owner”, so teeeeeechnically they could be dealing with a third party as the “landlord”, like a property manager or something? Maybe? Though I also interpreted it as some others did, that the building was recently bought by someone else. Either way…movie land rules, I guess :sweat_smile:
MY pedantic question about NYC tenancy is when Sam tells Mrs Golden that if she calls the cops about their neighbor’s noisy dog, Sam will tell the police that she can hear Mrs Golden’s TV through her wall, “and then everybody will be in jail except [the dog]” — is that a thing?? Could she really have her neighbor sent to jail just because she can hear her television through her bedroom wall!?


There are different overlapping jurisdictions. My building, for example, requires in the rules that at least 50% of your living space be carpeted. (So that you don’t make too much noise for your downstairs neighbors when you’re running around, moving furniture, etc.) That sort of thing is handled internally through the building’s owners, management company, co-op board, building super, tenant association, etc. The TV would most likely fall under that category.

But NYC does have noise complaint laws, which are outlined in this PDF pamphlet. Including specific laws about animal noise.

If you want some details

So… you can call the cops if someone’s dog is barking excessively at night, and the cops will come have a chat with the dog owner. Probably let them off with a warning. But they can take further action as necessary, including (I believe) taking the dog away if they determine that the reason the dog is barking is neglect/abuse. (Neither the pamphlet nor the noisy neighbor complaint page lists penalties, and, as you can see in the quoted text above, they go out of their way to say that, by design, those are flexible by design.)

It also does specifically mention loud TVs under “Common Courtesy.”

This article does get more specific:

[quote] According to NYC Quiet Hours specified in Local Law 113, neighbors in all five boroughs are bound to quiet hours from 10 pm until 7 am. This also includes having pets making loud noises longer than five minutes at a time. According to New York City’s Local Law 113, construction also can only occur between 7:00am and 6:00 pm on weekdays. Emergency work may occur after hours only when it cannot be performed during normal hours.

As punishment for violating these laws, people can be fined from $70 to upward of $400 for their first violation, according to Noise Plenty Schedule. When getting fined, the city considers noise complaints and noise pollution to be under “quality-of-life” fines. It was also reported by DNA info that New York City collected $150 million in “quality-of-life” fines last year, a 13 percent increase from the year before. New York City’s noise code can be useful for protecting its residents, but noise pollution still happens regularly.[/quote]

So, to sum up: Yes, you can call the cops on your neighbor for animal noise and TV noise. “Everybody will be in jail” is hyperbole, but the police might issue a citation and a fine.

Constitutionally, you have the right to fight any such thing (including speeding and parking tickets) at trial, because the state cannot impose any penalty without due process. So it could get tied up for a while. These things are complicated.

More likely, the cops will give people a verbal warning and ask them to please be more considerate so they don’t have to deal with this again.


That is fascinating, thank you for the in depth answer!


One is glad to be of service.


I just popped this one on because it’s cold and raining outside and my name’s in the credits. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The other episodes I feel like this about are from the 20th century.

This whole season has been great, and the Emily/Kelsey/Conor episodes are treasures. Sign me up right now for another ten years with these three.


So…Yup, Doctor Mordrid.

Oh, goodie goodie! Doctor Mordrid. I was already a fan of this movie well before they announced the lineup. It is a rare treat to see Jeffery Combes playing a heroic role. Love it, Mary Tyler More fonts and all.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for the Street Fantasy. And I think it’s neat how they have Mordrid mix magic and (at the time) modern technology in his bigger-on-the-inside apartment. Also, anytime Brian Thompson is chewing up scenery I am happy. And it is also possible that this is in the running for the “Worst Cops Ever” award.

The riffing on this was great overall. It was slower-paced than the other episode up til now. That might come from the fact that it is harder to riff good films than ones that serve up badness to pick over. One thing I love is the ongoing riff of them narrating what is in Doctor Awesome’s head. “I have been calling it Plateenum for years”. And the short where they display the difficulties of saving the world and running an apartment. There is even another reference to Scottsdale. Could be a theme.

Also, Frank Frazetta Muppet Babies. :rofl:

Just all around, classic fun. I even do not mind the green screen effects. I feel it adds to the DIY style of the show. I would say more but, if nothing else, this goes to show how hard it is to write about things you like.

And Servo could sing me Gilbert and Sullivan anytime. :kissing_heart:

Too many notes indeed.