Spread the Word About Interesting Kickstarters

This forum is about as close to soclal media as I get, so I don’t get a chance to hear about cool new Kickstarters. When I do find a good one, I’d like to spread the word about it.

So join me here, and tell us about any interesting Kickstarter campaigns you are aware of. Always start with a link! Please also note the date the campaign ends so folks don’t need to visit in order to know if they can still back it.

Also, sometimes Kickstarter campaigns are a bit more “grown-up.” In the family-friendly spirit of the forum, let’s stick to SFW-type stuff.


Admit it, now that you’ve gotten your MST3K rewards, you need new KS rewards to stress out about getting.



I found what I expect is a really fun card game a couple months ago and backed it, and I wish I had spread the word here. Next time I find a good one, or you find a good one, we’ll have a place to share it.



Oh bless, thank you for this thread! This is short notice, but my best friend’s sci-fi/fantasy novel Kickstarter ends tonight, in just under 2 hours from this posting. I was one of her beta readers and have watched it develop from an idea into a full-blown fantasy world, with characters that I really love. (Meadow and Mud are my faves). If you’ve got a couple bucks to spare for an independent artist/author tonight, it would mean a lot.

Shadecursed: The Bestiary Book One

Also check out the video! That’s all her art, I just did the editing. :smiley: (I would love to see her at least hit the $3000 stretch goal!)


Best of luck to your friend! Looks like she’s put together something really fun.


Couple of interesting ones:

Tawa – The Wood Art Travel Game (Ends October 19)

I’m a sucker for Japanese art anyway, and this has the added zen of wood.

Seeking Persephone (Ends October 19)

From the team who brought you The Christmas Dragon, they have a new movie in the works. I know nothing about the book, but Regency romance can be fun. I backed it because they are MST adjacent and seem passionate about their project.


Both my wife and I found this one independently. It’s called invenTABLE - it’s a power-tool specializing in cardboard cutting. Simple and safe enough for kids.


It’s reminiscent of a scroll saw, but for cardboard, and probably safer than a saw.

It ends Oct 28th, 2023.

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As not only a supporter of independent artists regardless their medium, but one myself I fully support this thread and I say kudos to you sir and everyone who contributed.

The older I get and the more they monopolize the more I hate the massive media conglomerates for being so status quo and profit driven canceling or rejecting tons of great projects, even ones they know are loved and would be profitable just because the profit margin isn’t high enough.

Anyways I digress, I like and appreciate this idea👏

If you’re a fan of Jeff Smith’s Bone comic, and you didn’t go to Ohio State in the '80s, this is probably your best opportunity to get your hands on the precursor to that series:


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Heh… just launched and already 3x funded. KS is a goldmine for creators with loyal fanbases.


Another interesting KS for the gadget-minded


Rechargeable tiny flashlight.

a trio i’m backing/watching.

ODR Hockey, I’m backing because anything that is a decent alternative to giving money to EA, is good in my book.

Tentacle Kitty Cottage Core, the latest from the TK crew, might join this one, but my wife and I have backed some of their prior projects and they make great desk sized friends.

CYBERZOIC, It’s just Dino-Riders. Always a great concept, and I would love to back but cost wise is harder to deal with. but I’m tempted… very tempted…

This one looks really interesting. I haven’t played a new version of Chel in like 15 years, but bringing back something like those old games from the 90s is genius.

Okay those are kinda cute actually.

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Backed this one:


Basically, reusable bags that you can carry in your pocket.

If anybody was waiting on backing the THORN compilation by Jeff Smith (compiling his pre-BONE college comic strips), we’re down to 38 hours left.


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I hope I’m not breaking any rules by circling back to this. My friend’s Kickstarter was a success, but now she’s listed on Amazon and it’s an awful system. She’s promoted like crazy and had no pre-orders, plus Amazon’s ratings average punishes anything lower than 5-stars by not allowing it in the algorithm. It gets buried.

If anyone has 5bux to spare on a fun modern fantasy ebook, it would really help. She’s beyond devastated right now.


(There’s also a hardback with bonus art inside the cover, but I know lots of folks are on a budget.)

I just hate seeing her so upset by this. It’s her best work, five years in the making, and it deserves to be seen.

I pre-ordered the ebook, and it seems like things are looking up:


Thank you!! I’m hoping that things pick up at release too. :crossed_fingers: This is such a tough industry.

Yeah, as still an aspiring writer at age 57, I realized a while ago that hardly anyone can make a living as a writer of fiction anymore. Gotta have a day job. Which, of course, makes it much harder to write.

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