Spread the Word About Interesting Kickstarters

Reposting this here as I was unaware of a Kickstarter thread…

My third picture book Hilda & Richie’s Sandwich is up on Kickstarter. This comes after Hilda & Richie and Hilda & Richie’s Wizard. Already I am planning a fourth picture book Hilda & Richie Go Swimming.

The plot involves Hilda, a wealthy vixen who loves blowing bubble gum, and her young ward Richie, a fox pup, having to provide food for Hilda’s cousin for her birthday. So how do you feed so many party guests on short notice? With a giant sandwich!

A pledge of $19 gets you a print copy; a pledge of $29 gets you all three Hilda & Richie books; and if you want to appear in the next Hilda & Richie book in a cameo (like the baker there in the above page), that’s just $399 with 1 out of 4 slots already taken!

If anyone can back & share the project, I’d appreciate it as we are reaching the halfway point and still have to make our goal.