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It’s so frustrating. Getting seen at all is so hard anyway and now you have to battle multiple algorithms and a review system that doesn’t seem to play fair.

Keep at it cos people need stories (even I have stories to share), but I also want to throw a table.

Found this one over the weekend:


Fanmade challenge coins for various IP.

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Some of those are amazing. The Slurm cap is pretty epic. And the Portal coin 2-sided design is perfect.

Yeah I found him through a discord. This guy could be a very dangerous person for my bank account. I bought two, and there are three more I would get if they weren’t sold out.

Reposting this here as I was unaware of a Kickstarter thread…

My third picture book Hilda & Richie’s Sandwich is up on Kickstarter. This comes after Hilda & Richie and Hilda & Richie’s Wizard. Already I am planning a fourth picture book Hilda & Richie Go Swimming.

The plot involves Hilda, a wealthy vixen who loves blowing bubble gum, and her young ward Richie, a fox pup, having to provide food for Hilda’s cousin for her birthday. So how do you feed so many party guests on short notice? With a giant sandwich!

A pledge of $19 gets you a print copy; a pledge of $29 gets you all three Hilda & Richie books; and if you want to appear in the next Hilda & Richie book in a cameo (like the baker there in the above page), that’s just $399 with 1 out of 4 slots already taken!

If anyone can back & share the project, I’d appreciate it as we are reaching the halfway point and still have to make our goal.



Is there an easier way to get Kickstarter to send me notifications on specific type of things I’d like to chip in on?

What I’m interested in is supporting folks who restore old movies. I always seem to discover the projects long after they are done, and the rewards (dvds or downloads) have been sent out.

I tried once - and they made me go through this questionnaire, which took forever, and never did lead me to what I wanted. It’s so dumb, can’t I just say, “send me notifications on this, only”. Without jumping through hoops (a never-ending “do you like this, or that?” type of nonsense)

Man I wish. I don’t trawl KS for projects so the ones I do manage to find that I want to back are from threads like this one.

I would have LOVED to participate in the Douglas Admas KS for the 42 book, but never heard about it. (bought it off Amazon).


I wonder what it would take to troll every new ks, once a day. Collect title, tags/categories and a link. Then email interested parties once a day/week/whenever to send a digest of the items they have marked themselves interested in.

How’d many new kickstarter campaigns start each day? Thousands?

A friend of mine is an indie comic creator, and while his latest campaign is funded, I’d love to see him reach some of his stretch goals. The current book is called The Order of Dracula and is a compendium of three separate comics he did a while ago in that series, so it’s a nicely bound graphic novel now. Please check him out if you can!


The campaign currently has 8 days to go.

This isn’t technically a Kickstarter, but if anyone is interested in crowdfunding a LEGO set on BrickLick, here’s the link.


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Just a reminder that my third picture book has less than 59 hours left to fund.

If anyone can back and/or share, I’d appreciate it!

Only $600 from goal… everybody take some of the money you didn’t have to spend on season 14 and pledge it to this!

What happens to a Super Villain’s henchmen when he dies? Villains, Inc. starring Colin Mochrie (Who’s Line is it Anyway?) answers that question.

What happens when you can’t get the already filmed comedy, Villains, Inc., into theaters? You run a Kickstarter:

The project is already funded, with 21 days left to go. Join us, won’t you?

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Ha! Excellent. Backed.

mrw1980’s book has less than $400 to go and 13 hours remaining. Would be terrible to see a MSTie’s Kickstarter fail so close to the finish line!


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Four hours and $292 left to go…


No joke, I was backer #2 on that one. :smile:

Funded! Congratulations.


Thank you!!

I want to share another Kickstarter that is soon launching and it’s for an animated pilot for the webcomic series Litterbox Comics.

Litterbox: The Animated Pilot! by Litterbox Animation — Kickstarter

That might sound familiar as I have been posting these comics over on the Today’s Laugh thread. Litterbox Comics is a webcomic launched in May 2018 by Francesca “Chesca” Hause. Based on her own family, it follows the day-to-day lives of Fran, her husband Joel, and their sons Vincent & Cooper.


The humor is about parenting, similar to the Family Circus and Baby Blues, which many of us can relate to as both adults and children. What makes this more interesting is that Fran and Joel themselves aren’t the typical stuffy parents - they are huge pop culture geeks themselves. Litterbox Comics has many pop culture references such as Star Wars, Minecraft, Nintendo Switch, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Harry Potter, Voltron and way to many more to list.

Give that pre-launch page on Kickstarter a follow and if you want to know more about Fran & her wacky family, read Litterbox Comics!

Home - Litterbox Comics

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