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A Kickstarter to make a comic depicting the filming of “Horrors of Spider Island” as a found footage lovecraftian tale? …okay, which one of you all did this. :laughing:


“In 1960, a movie about a troupe of exotic dancers crash landing on a hostile island was set to be released. Just another B-movie in a year flooded with horror quickies. But a series of unusual events happened during the filming. Things never intended by script or storyboard. An unexpected layer of terror, caught on the reels of 35mm.

Spider Island, nestled in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, was not just another shooting location. Its dense foliage and rocky shores concealed an enigmatic secret: the gateway to the fabled underwater dimension of R’lyeh. Many had sought to uncover its eldritch secrets, so the irony of a film crew doing it by accident might be some cosmic joke.

What was scripted? What was real? What sacrifices were made to old gods in order to get the movie made?”



I didn’t know that I wanted this. :open_mouth:

And Gorgo’s in the mix too?! Resistance is futile with this one.

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Here’s another one.

Monster Movie Madness, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/matthewbuchholz/monster-movie-madness

FREE STARS: Children of Infinity by Pistol Shrimp — Kickstarter

This is a direct sequel to 1992’s Star Control II made by the original creators.*

*Paul Reiche III was involved but has since left to focus on other things. Fred Ford is still in it.

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Just announced, the campaign to make a sequel to the trashy cult classic from 1999, once again featuring the samurai rock band Guitar Wolf.

Thanks for moving this to the correct thread! I forget we had this one already.


For anyone who missed the Good Omens KS last year, their Pledge Manager is no active if you want to get the book (and/or some cool merch)


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It hasn’t started yet, but rumor has it one of our favorite writers will be running a Kickstarter…

Ok, not a rumor, it was in their newsletter.

@Blac_Drac, care to connect?

Ending this Friday!

They’re only about $30k from the stretch goal to port the game to consoles, so that’s quite reachable with the ending bump Kickstarters tend to get, but unfortunately still $130k from English voiceover (most of the scuttlebutt on the related Discord servers at this point says they’re unlikely to reach that one). However, the developers have said that just means it wouldn’t be included at release, not that it would never manifest later.

The rumors are true. I am the Lindbergh baby and I am launching a Kickstarter this Summer.

I’m shooting a pilot I wrote based on a fairly successful(artistically, anyway) stage show I used to do. The Kickstarter is mostly because I am dedicated to paying everyone involved. I mean, I want it to look good too, but paying everyone is priority one for me.

So. We’ll see what happens with that.


Is Pro Wrestling involved?


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Well… okay.

Does it at least have the lost treasures of Nosferatu?

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