SRT (or similar) subtitles for classic episodes

Being kinda hard of hearing (cue Garrett Morris), I have subtitles on for everything, whenever they’re available (and get cranky when they’re not). I’ve been able to collect SRT format subtitle files for most of the classic MST3K eps - they’re not perfect, and more often than not I’ve thought “I really need to correct that riff”, but they beat having to hike the volume up when others are trying to sleep. I figured I’d list the eps I don’t have subtitles for, in case anyone has the missing pieces (or needs what they don’t have)

Rocketship X-M
Godzilla v the Sea Monster
The Amazing Colossal Man
It Conquered the World
Space Travelers
Fire Maidens of Outer Space
Attack of the Eye Creatures
The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
The Brain that Wouldn’t Die
Teenage Strangler
Teenage Crime Wave
12 to the Moon
Girls Town
San Francisco International
Kitten with a Whip
The Incredible Melting Man
Revenge of the Creature
The Leech Woman
The Mole People
Deadly Mantis
The Thing that Couldn’t Die
Terror from the Year 5000
I was a Teenage Werewolf
Riding with Death
Agent for HARM
The Projected Man
The Deadly Bees
Soace Children