Stand and be counted…

….if you stood to be counted!

It’s (off year) election season here in the States, mostly state and local elections. Typically, not a lot of turn-out, because it’s way down ballot offices.

But if you heard the call, (and there is an election in your precinct), and you got up off the couch, and dragged your butt down to city hall (or wherever), and made your voice heard, sound off!

It don’t matter who you vote for, but it’s important that you do.

I put my ‘I voted’ sticker on my mailbox - maybe I will get no more political flyers. And maybe I’ll win the lottery. Winning the lottery is a better bet of the two.


Not sure this here thread is gonna get very far as politics is considered a Toxic Topic and not allowed on this here forum :zipper_mouth_face:

I tried to avoid the political side, and kept it to just the act. Still, I’d understand if there are objections.

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