STAR TREK You Know It-You Love It-Let's Talk About It!

I hate both of them with the fire of 1000 suns as well, but Strange New Worlds has been an extremely pleasant surprise. It feels like they’re barely involved beyond producer credits.


Who, me?? :wink:


Yeah, the takes on the classic characters are great - Ethan Peck gives me chills with how he channels Nimoy sometimes - and even my least favorite characters aren’t because I don’t like them, it’s just I like others more.

And given that they’re set to start filming S2 and how the cast seems to be very eager-beaver about doing even more, I hope to have SNW around for a looooong time!


Ok, that’s a recommendation I can put something into.

Goldsman’s got a bunch of credits across the project, which is unsettling, Kurtzman has less so hopefully that’s helping it out. Maybe Lumet is having more of a hand in shaping it behind the scenes?
Still way to many credited execs, but hey, if a fellow justified Kurtzman & Co. despiser can see good in this latest show, that’s intriguing at least.
The season still isn’t over yet, so be careful.

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Only 3 episodes to go, though.

I’m already saving up to buy the blu-ray

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Watched Episode 1. It’s a step in a better direction.

I really despise the concept of destiny without clear and thorough JMS-level planning, but for a character like Pike which we’ve known the outcome of since 1966, I’ll give it a pass; Best to get it out of the way and use that for some kind of character motivation. In this case a sort of ticking-clock without the clock.

The revolting Kurtzman portions of the script stuck through like a blistered gangrene-infested thumb, the tonal whiplash due to his pointless violence/abuse obsessions was annoying, but thankfully it was minimal compared to the main story. (A side note, referencing Discovery in the plot feels as cringy as referencing Midichlorians for the other “Star” franchise is, but unlike that McGuffin, this is like a tumor, can’t cut it out completely without cutting out some healthy parts.)

As expected, the cast, crew, effects & music were solid, editing was a bit jumpier than I like, but solid work. I can only hope the scripts improve in the following episodes.

A special mention: Ethan Peck doesn’t quite look the part, but he’s got subtle aspects of Nimoy’s voice down, if you close your eyes, some lines are like what I’d imagine Nimoy sounded like early on in life, prior to smoking. And Celia Rose Gooding’s Uhura is so upbeat and in-character with the original, very fitting for a pre-TOS version of her.

The overall atmosphere is okay, at least someone over at CBS has learned that if you want to show metaphorical human turmoil, show it in the framework of an alien world and Earth’s past, not within the Federation. (It’s like none of the execs can even grasp the concept of what a Utopia is supposed to be going by the concurrent shows.)

The bar is very low due to the previous abominations masqurading as shows, but I’ll give the rest of this show a watch when time permits, there are shades of a good Trek work in this.


The first episode is the only one that Kurtzman and Goldman have writing credit on (along with Jenny Lumet).

The Discovery reference is kind of necessary, since that show introduced Anson Mount’s Pike and it’s where he had his vision of the future, along with the (introduction of and) loss of Spock’s adopted sister. Spock’s loss is a plot point in a later episode, too, so be prepared for that.

We kind of vary here over what’s the best episode, but episode 2 is my personal favorite.

Yeah, I’ve tried my darnedest to forget D & P, however hard that is, they were pretty traumatic, P moreso.
At least here, those past references are set up in a way that feels like the roughness of a pilot episode. (Like how the first episode of Red Dwarf I is necessary for setup but a bit ropey in execution.)

I just hope it drifts away from the destiny stuff in the following episodes, it’s really hard to continue an adventurous/exploration-into-the-unknown series with prediterrmination in the way.


The future vision is mentioned a few times, but it’s not a big plot driver, so far.

ETA: Yeah, the convo with Spock was more than a bit of ‘exposition fairy’, but it’s there for the viewers who didn’t watch Discovery.


I realize I’ve been negative, so I wanna write something positive in this thread before the day is over and give a shout to the somewhat maligned 1979 Motion Picture.

The one key thing that movie does so well that no other series or Trek film has done quite so profoundly is the exploration into the unknown part.
It kinda suffers if you already know what’s going to happen, but if you let yourself experience the journey as the crew experience it, it’s hauntingly beautiful and terrifying and truly captivating.

Then there’s the overarching storyline of learning the value of “this simple feeling” as Spock puts it. It’a also Shatner’s finest performance as Kirk, outside of the original series, he’s so into the character every little move is well chosen.

The utterly gorgeous score by Jerry Goldsmith ties the whole thing together. It’s lush and eccentric and bombastically fierce; It perfectly compliments the events.

And… The Enterprise itself gets respectfully treated like the inanimate character it is. The entire flyby sequence is both a treat for the original fans that stayed throughout the 70’s 16mm reruns and Kirk being reunited with the one true love of his life.

The only issue I have with the film is I wish the reunited trio had more than the literal last scene of the movie to show off their irresistible chemistry together.

The Motion Picture is so damn good, and invigorates me with wonder and hope every time I’ve watched it. It’s the best piece of Star Trek ever made.

(On a funny note, Star Trek V, feels like a retelling of the general themes of The Motion Picture, if they actually used Star Wars as an inspiration rather than Close Encounters of the Third Kind like they went with, haha!)


I saw TMP in the theater when it first came out (my friends and I took our tribbles) and there was only one of us who didn’t like it. Definitely yes to the soundtrack and the Enterprise caressing flyover.

Like the MST live shows, it makes a big difference sharing these experiences with an audience. Everyone cheered the opening credits, every single cast name.

It was magnificent.

I recently had a coupon for 3 movies on Vudu, and I knew I wanted ST III and IV, but was torn between II and TMP, but I ended up opting for TMP.

Unfortunately, scifi has pretty much become synonymous with ‘action adventure’ and the slower, more thoughtful stuff has trouble finding an appreciative audience (like TMP and Solaris, which I also love).

TMP has its flaws, but I love it anyway.


FWIW, I love TMP too. I even have the special edition of the soundtrack. And my favorite freaking part is that Enterprise flyby.

Insurrection is the one Trek movie I have trouble getting by, LOL.


It’s one of those movies I’ve love to go back in time to see first run, sharing that very experience. Much respect, you and your freinds were lucky. :heart:


I watched it for the first time in many years a few weeks ago and, except for the very interesting uniforms (that they thankfully got rid of), I really enjoyed it, and I absolutely agree with you on the score. Nothing tops it.


Sometimes it pays to be old. <3


Haha, okay yeah, the beige & pastel uniforms are a bit off, but rather I like cuts of them, very pajama-like, which feels somewhat alright for a crew living 24/7 on a ship, I just wish they had gone more vividly colorful with them like in the Phase II concept art and original series.




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I’m just going to say that I don’t see any chance in hell of DISCO doing an episode like this at any time in the foreseeable future, much less PIC.

@LadyStarblade, you’re going to love Mount in this one!

“Hold the jester.” :clown_face:

And then it’s going to kick you right in the feels.

Don't click me
Really — don't click me.
I'm warning you.
Last chance!

As an aside, I find the outline of “The Kingdom of Elysian” interesting, as it’s more like the silhouette of the “Kelvin Timeline” Enterprise — the warp drive nacelles, in particular — and less like the version seen in DISCO and SNW. Given that we saw the current version of the “prime” Enterprise at the end of DISCO’s first season four years ago, that’s hardly a mistake. Perhaps it’s a subtle sign that the showrunners consider the J.J. Abrahms movies as fantasy?


I laughed my ass off.

Then I cried my eyes out.

One thing I loved about TOS and love about SNW is how they can cross genres and do something completely different every week.

And I was sure La’an was going to fall out of that dress.

And I thought Oretegas’s character was an homage to Sulu in ‘The Naked Time’ - at least I heard echos.

And yes, Mount was definitely having the time of his life. I snort-giggled all the way through it. Until the end.


Hey, look here! It’s the costume drama / alien consciousness / Holodeck episode!

And I loved it. Everyone is just having the best time. Of course Anson Mount was having the time of his life, and so was Melissa Navia and Celia Rose Gooding. This group has fun and it shows.

This is the kind of episode that some people love and some people hate, but it harkens back to the fantasy cosplay eps of old like “Shore Leave,” “Who Mourns For Adonis?”, and “A Piece of the Action.” A fairy tale set up is as good as any. A real showcase for M’Benga too; we learn his first name! And his goodbye to his daughter, along with her “happy ending,” made me cry and smile at the same time.

My one big quibble is more of a missed opportunity: they seem to establish that telepathic beings could deflect the consciousness’s effect. As canon has established, Spock is a very strong telepath even though he’s half human. Could you imagine the hilarity of watching Ethan Peck play a Spock who was himself, but attempting to masquerade as an evil sorcerer? Oh my. As it was, he was a bit underutilized, as were Chapel and Una. And where was Kyle, huh?? But there’s only so much time in an episode, I suppose.

So a solid little ep. I’m happy. Quote of the Episode - from Pike, of course:

“That’s a bad swamp.”

Though really, any of the Pike-Ortegas banter would also qualify. Hemmer’s “Abracadabra” was also solid.

Okay. Done with the blurs. I love this show an unhealthy amount.