STAR TREK You Know It-You Love It-Let's Talk About It!

I think I pretty much only read ST novels between TOS and TMP, when that was the only way to get any new ST stories. I may have read a scattered few otherwise, but generally only if I already was familiar with the author. (or in Shatner’s case, did NOT read because I was familiar with the author)

I did recently purchase the ebook of ‘How Much for Just the Planet’ because I remembered that one as being totally hilarious and it still is.

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Kyle was apparently replaced by ‘Mitchell’. Has Mitchell been named before this episode? I remember Pike calling her ‘Ops’, but I don’t remember a name before this week.

Not that I object to knowing more crew names - one of my beefs with Discovery was when they killed off a character they’d never named before that episode, then spent a good 10 minutes eulogizing her.


Don’t try to make me cry over people we don’t know anything about, 'K?


Perhaps SNW will eventually have a redshirt named, “Perón.”


I have to give SNW props for not killing someone we don’t know in every other episode.


Maybe when James T. Kirk joins the cast next season…

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The character’s name is “Jenna Mitchell.”

She looks enough like Demora Sulu that I did a double take.



Mount gets all the best lines.

Let me tell you, the Gorn have gotten a major upgrade, albeit via CGI, and one clearly influenced by a certain well-known movie released in 1979. Makes the various Klingon appearance changes over the decades look like slumber party makeovers — including Discovery’s.

Here there be spoilers!
Don’t click on me.
Really. This one’s a gut punch.
Who doesn’t have invulnerable plot armor?

We just lost the first redshirt — and they’re a lulu.


Until we get a chance for a fuller discussion, I only have one thing to say about this episode, and that is



For LadyStarblade: an interview with Ortegas (no spoilers for the current episode)


See this is why MST3K was for kids first and space dust second

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Wow after the light-hearted episode last week …

This feels like an Alien/Predator crossover with a dash of Jurassic Park thrown in for good measure.

Nice claustrophobic feel with how this was shot. Very atmospheric and well done.

Lots of character development in this one.

La’an deciding to leave to find Orianna’s family

Spock dealing with unleashing his human emotions.

Chapel and that hug … where is that going to lead?

Uhura coming to terms with her future.

And Hemmer. Dangit, I liked that character.

One more episode for this season, sadly. Personally, I am not a fan of these short seasons. Just as you start to get in the swing of characters and plot, bang, it’s over for who knows how long.

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Oh my lanta. This felt more like a season finale; how are they going to swing this around?

Hugely influenced by Alien and Aliens, this was super tense. I pegged the first two deaths right on. Bloody and scary, especially for Trek. I would’ve paid money for Sam to yell “Game over, man!” at some point. We even had some Predator thrown in there. I LOVE that the Gorn are the big bads.

But…but…Hemmer??! Really? On the one hand, I was honestly shocked they went through with it like that, eschewing the last minute save. I still can’t believe it. In just a few episodes, Bruce Horak did an amazing job and created a great character. His relationship with Uhura was lovely and I’m going to miss him.

Random Observations:

Ethan Peck’s hair has a natural wave / curl to it they can’t quite tame. I’ve noticed it before, but you can really see it in this ep.

Anson Mount does tear-sheened-eyes so WELL. Oh, and the putting the apron on Spock and sending him to do the dishes was chef’s kiss.

Spock’s berserker moment was well played by Ethan, but it felt weirdly rushed. But it led to that lovely moment with Chapel…I am surprised with how much I dig that relationship. Roger Korby must be a helluva guy, is all I’m saying.

Line of the Week goes to Spock: “Human drinking games. Is there no end to them?” Close second to La’an’s, “This is FANTASTIC.”

Oh why, WHY is there only one episode left? And what are they going to spring on us?

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We always knew that Hemmer was going to be replaced at some point, as he was one of the regulars without invulnerable plot armor to see him through to Kirk’s captaincy. By the same token we know that Uhura will return sooner or later.

The question has always been how these “unprotected” specific characters will be lost (death, retirement, promotion or transfer, etc.), and whether they will be replaced immediately by those characters we know will be onboard ten years later. For example, will a certain bright and experienced Starfleet engineer we know and love make a surprise appearance next week as Hemmer’s replacement? And Una’s been Pike’s first officer for years, now. How long will it be before they’re offered their own permanent command (shades of Riker)?

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Sure we knew Hemmer would leave at some point. But before the end of the first season? And he was killed off to boot, so no chance for recurring. There are ten plus years between where we are in SNW and The Cage. Lots of time to let your current crop of characters form and breathe before you start replacing them.

According to the official timeline, SNW starts several years past the events of “The Cage,” and five to ten years before “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” Hemmer, Una, Ortegas, and La’an are all fair game, because they didn’t appear or were referenced in later series.

And three of those wear redshirts, mind you…

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Still that gives the SNW production plenty of time to actually develop their characters before they need to start merging with the TOS timeline and characters. We have no idea how time is passing within the episodes, everything we are watching in the first season could take place within the span of a few months.

I’m not sure why they are in such a rush to start bailing on their own characters, I guess is my point.

(And I was thinking The Menagerie. :slight_smile: )

I was shocked they didn’t pull it out at the last moment, too, but what a way to go out.

I’m wondering if the actor might not have chosen to leave because of the makeup. Those appliances are hell on one’s skin, and he was covered in them.

I’m glad that when this show does have deaths, that the deaths have weight and meaning, which has not always been the case for Trek.

And doesn’t the Enterprise have a dishwasher or matter recycler or something (cute as Spock was in his apron washing dishes)?

We gotta get that ‘Cooking with Captain Pike’ show up and running.

According to that interview I posted above, they’re nearly finished shooting season 2. I hope it starts soon. This one was too soon over (although I’m amazed at the amount of character work they’ve managed to achieve in so short a season)


Wouldn’t be the first time; remember Farscape? I keep wondering if ILM, Weta, Digital Domain, etc., aren’t working behind the scenes on virtual prosthetics, sort of like ILM’s Stagecraft breakthrough of a couple of years ago, except for real-time replacement of faces and bodies.

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An actor on the first season of Andromeda also left because of the appliances. Best character on the show, too.