Stoogeum / Legoland in PA (good family day when ever things open again)

Not exactly MST3K related…but sorta.

If your a fan of the 3 Stooges (often references on MST3k) and in the NJ / PA area…Ambler PA to be precise, I highly recommend the Stoogeum.

A museum devoted to the 3 Stooges.

Artifacts, props, personal items, a theater running Stooge shorts, art work…etc.

Its not an all day thing but easily a fun way to kill a few hours.

I will advise three things.

  1. They will not allow pictures in any way. Its a hard stance on that…likely because its not exactly a massive place, and doesn’t want pics online of their museum to keep people coming there and paying the admission price.

  2. its a buy appointment only so you need to arrange that in advance.

  3. Sadly…with covid they seem to be not taking appointments at this time, and will announce when they are doing so again.

BUT…it is completely worth it when it does open again. I went a few years ago and its a good day trip if your in the area. Not bad to pair it with Legoland which is not far from there. FYI…Legoland is not the size of the one in NY or Florida its not a theme park, more of a Dave and Busters mall size place, with a handful or rides (like 2) and a number of Lego short movies, and play tables…again not sure what the Covid regulations are but fun when it is running.

Good fun family day when things open up again.


This very helpful. Thank you so much!