Stop jumping to my own reply

I don’t know if this is possible with Discourse, but if I am halfway down a topic and I post a reply to someone I do NOT need the page to then immediately jump to the end of the topic to show me my own reply. I know what it says, I literally just wrote it! Then I have to find my way back up to whichever comment I replied to if I want to keep reading that topic in order.

It’s not just annoying, it’s utterly mystifying why anyone thought it should work that way. If someone knows of a setting to stop this please tell me.




That’s at Trust Level 13.


I kind of wish reply threading worked better in general. Always briefly throws me off when I see a random seemingly unconnected message at the bottom of a thread before realizing that it was a direct reply to something said before. Like, maybe the first part of the post the user is replying to could be quoted above the reply or something.


Amen. I do not understand why this system is not capable of displaying replies as nested to the original. Literally every other board I frequent does that by default. Here it’s like trying to piece together a movie written by Christopher Nolan and directed by Brian De Palma.


WORD. I couldn’t agree more.

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But if it were Tarantino, it would start at the end,and many of the wording of many replies would be changed so they would be cooler.