Story Line Thought

Kinga goes bizerk and imprisons multiple casts on multiple satellite of loves. (Maybe this runs as a 6 episode story)

In ship one:
Baron as Servo
Hampton as Crow

in ship two:
Mike Nelson
Bill Corbett as alternate universe Crow
Kevin Murphy as alternate universe Servo

In ship three:
Joel and GPC trying to create build new robot friends

Ship 4-6, Mads, Pearle and Bridget,


6 SOLs may be a bit much. Plus we will already be having two bases for experiments next season as appears Jonah and Emily will be in different places, and unknown where Joel will riff from.

That said in a “Oh hey, Netflix decided they DO want another season” It could work as a reason to binge multiple episodes in row without trying to redo the Gauntlet.

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I, for one, hope there is not a story arc. The story arc in the early Sci-Fi seasons was not very good. The most ‘story arc’ I want to see in the new season is something along the lines of Jonah building a space suit and then using it at the end of the season like in Season 11.

Agreed. I don’t rewatch season 8 eps in order, and a lot of the time I’m scratching my head trying to figure out where in the arc the host segments were occurring.

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Based on the dynamic in the live shows, I was imagining something like:
Kinga creates a new clone, trying to make her more like the mad/evil Forresters (Synthia is just too darn sweet). She creates Mega-Synthia, but maybe she overbalanced the Mad-ness level, because she goes rogue, steals some extra special robot parts, and decides to start her own experiment. All of this runs concurrently with Kinga still imprisoning Jonah, and she decides to let Mega-Synthia run with her scheme, because she can still take credit for it if it works (and if you want to blow up a brand and sell it to a mega-corporation, demonstrating viable spinoff/expanded universe potential would be a benefit).

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“Well, the metaverse is super popular right now, so I just ran with it!”


Kinga comes back from a three-month retreat at an ashram in India. She gathers together all her experiment subjects, all the bots, and all her henchpersons and says “Guys, I’m already rich enough to build my own friggin’ moon base, and I’ve realized I don’t really want to rule the world… I mean, have you seen it lately? How about we all just make some popcorn, gather in the theaters and make fun of bad movies because… it’s fun?”

Then Zombie Clayton appears, having risen from the grave in outrage at this blasphemy by his own flesh and blood, and chases them, but he’s a slow zombie so they just use him to play ring toss.

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I mean if Trace was up for it, I would have no problem with a something involving him coming back seeing that not only his Mom continued things and the experiment is still going, but that his offspring also got in on the fact with the experiments continuing that he fells it’s time for him to regain control of matters leading to either:

  • Seeing Joel has resurfaced, finding a way to recapture his original test subject to restart the original experiment.

  • Believing Kinga to be too much of a possible threat, sends her up to the SOL (or another theater ship) where she needs to riff with the newer bots.

  • Feeling betrayed by Pearl, he sends her (or one of the Synthias in her stead) along with clones of Bobo and Brain-guy to riff with.

The thing is with the freedom of the Gizmoplex should things continue in the right direction, looking at possibilities for stories, specials, “what if?s” and such do not need to be limited to MST3K episodes or seasons proper. If the Gizmoplex is a success, who knows what type of content we could be in for.

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If a hole is torn in the multiverse, that leaves the door open for Eddie Nelson to enter the fray once again!


I doubt it, but we could also get



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And possibly even…



And you have to account for that alternate dimension where Dr. Forrester and TV’s Frank are the test subjects on the SOL!


Well, I feel certain that if the Time Bubble Tour is to be taken as a bit of set up for season 13 there’s gonna be time travel involved somehow. Kinga is chugging along, conducting her experiments on Jonah, unaware that Mega-Synthia is running amok with Time Bubble Technology. Maybe Mega-Synthia is the one to find Joel and Emily and bring them to Kinga on her SoL. And then when Kinga tries to take credit for it, Mega-Synthia has her super-villain-origin-story moment and tries to take over the Satellite and rule all the test subjects herself, and try to experiment on Kinga and Max too.

I mean, don’t we all want to see a girlboss win?



I’d love to see the return of Evil Dr. F and Frank… or would that be Double-Reverse-Evil Dr. F and Frank?


Perhaps The Mads Are Back are in reality Good Dr. F. and Frank.