Streaming on too many devices vs. logged in on too many devices

I have 4 Roku devices in my household and I’m only allowed to be logged in on 3 of them simultaneously. I understand wanting to prevent unauthorized and abusive use, but wouldn’t the number of simultaneous streams (which is typically 1 for us) be the correct metric to use to limit usage? Limiting logins is a pain to deal with and none of the other Roku apps (multiple streaming services) have the same limitation.


The counter-point might be that a whole bunch of people could end up sharing the same login, spread across miles and miles, as long as none were streaming at the same time.

I tend toward very lax (or no) control, personally, but I’m always aware of the potential cost.


On the one hand, I can understand the need to ensure that the access isn’t being circulated to the point where the crew can’t fund future seasons. On the other hand, if there’s too many obstacles for paying customers to watch what they’ve already paid for, they probably won’t stick around to fund future seasons?

4 devices does seem low for a few examples I can think of off the top of my head? (Have two customers in situations that would find the limitation extremely frustrating.)

3 devices only covers my Home AppleTV, my iPhone and my laptop.

But, I also have an AppleTV I use when traveling on my SCCA misadventures…

Managing which devices are logged in could get confusing, especially if a family member at home tries to watch and I’m on the road.

Concurrent streams from different IPs could possibly be the compromise that offered the best flexibility for paying MSTies and control over passwords being shared outside someone’s immediate family? Something along the lines of “Only two (maybe three …? 3 would be nice if two of us were traveling and someone at home wanted to watch a livestream “with us”) IPs can stream at the same time”?

If I were traveling more, I’d like to sure that I’d be able to watch from my hotel at the same time as my family at home without… drama/stress… I have too much of that as it is?

Hmmm. :thinking:

As I said, I can understand the challenges in finding the right balance here. I’m hopeful that the team will find it. :+1:

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Is it really an obstacle if you get three but want 70,000? At some point, you’re your own obstacle.

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One, not one person has suggested that an account should be able to be logged into 10 devices, never mind 70,000.

Two, if account sharing is the main concern, limiting concurrent streaming on multiple IPs would be more effective than limiting devices anyway.

Where the balance is for limiting password sharing without limiting legitimate paying customers who don’t always live in traditional households or even have traditional 9-5 jobs … I can’t say for sure. But, I trust that Ivan and the team will find that balance.

In the past couple of years I’ve had subscriptions to Disney+, Netflix, YoutubeTV, Hulu, Paramount+, Amazon Prime and AppleTV and I never ran into an issue with too many logins. Too many streams, yes - and that’s fine. Gizmoplex is an outlier.

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At my house I’m logged into two Rokus, and Apple TV, my phone, an iPad and two laptops and haven’t had any issues.

Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself.