Stuck thread

(Mods if this is not kosher, slap my hands with a ruler and delete. :slight_smile: )

There are times when you’re trying to have a discussion and run into the “consecutive replies” issue. Feel free to post here with the thread URL asking nicely if someone can give the thread a push (comment) when needed.


I’ve tried to keep an eye open on the football and screengrab threads, but my memory isn’t what it used to be, so this will be a big help, for those and other threads.

Good idea.

(a better idea would be to eliminate it altogether, especially for folks who have been around and have shown that they’re not spammers or trolls or whatever)


There could be a level before Regular that just lets you post more if you seem to be an alright sort.


Drat. Stuck in the Trailers thread.

It’s unstuck

It’s like a band-aid commercial in here.

:notes: I am stuck on Band-aide brand, cuz Band-aid’s stuck on me :notes:

Man some of those jingles just stick around forever.


Imagine if they went super modern and actually sold a Band-Aid Brand branding iron.


Whatever advertising exec that came up with that jingle must be getting rich off the residuals of a whole generation’s collective memory.