Sub-topics for Artsy Craftsy...?

I’ve been looking at ways to make posts on a few of the bots, props, models, costumes… and I’ve been wondering if a set of sub-topics around these would be appropriate, or a way to tag/flag posts that deal with such?

Things like specifically listing what is needed, sources (though getting more rare), techniques, etc, by folks who are hoping to nail and source what was used back in the day, ie more than 10 foot rule or spirit of, etc…

Yes, there are some resources out in the www but those are… a mixed bag of info, having to hunt/scroll, outdated, inaccurate, dead links, etc etc. Would be nice to wrangle that closer to ‘home’ here?

They’d definitely require the ability to stick posts and such as well. I haven’t jotted down any potential structure, but it could be useful? I know we have a lot of interest in all of the above here.



When you create a thread you can set tags.


Yes! I’d love to see more sub topics for prop building , or part sourcing !

Honestly , as a collector and amateur bot builder its great to see everyone’s completed bots. But , I’d love to have a place to share things everyone’s working on, or sourcing parts without high jacking the “show us your bot “ thread


Yeah, driving a sub-section devoted to replicas that’s a more stable starting location tends to have a lot of positives over, exactly as you put it, potential thread hijacking.
Too many folks out there with bad info, trying to reinvent the wheel, and not being smart about how to get limited resources shared. Would love to end that and exemplify a sharing community, solve the pitfalls and realities we face 35 years ish down the road. :wink:


Yeah the loss of the old bot building forum was a huge loss to the community… there was so much shared knowledge on there! By the end every single part had been sourced!


For sure! I spend a ton of time checking out video, or photos , scrolling through OLD threads looking for info. I’m not a member of Facebook , so Im not sure how much info is on the bot builders group . I’d love to keep it all in house right HERE !

I think it would be awesome to assemble a virtual inventory of parts and what not . Maybe a for sale or for trade section . Idk, that’s me being ME as I spend an uncomfortable amount or time on eBay, Mercari , and Etsy sourcing parts ! :rofl:


Theres a lot on the Bot Builders FB page, I think if we sup categorized the bots and other props into their own threads like on the old forum might be a good resource.


I’ve noticed that folks are excellent about ‘checking their references’ with the group to be certain of how things go, and that’s fantastic to see. Some statements are still, well, ‘wrong’, :wink: but given resources and approaches and ‘get it done’, a lot has to fall to ‘flavor of’ and ‘spirit of’ right now til things are more widely available. And the builders there charge forward. This hobby still has vitality.

I’m new to that group page, but 35 years of this sort of hobby - oh zods (ask about the 600 model kits that used to be in my garage), and that FB group is a solid example of how this can be brought together, some great folks there judging by new responses and old posts.

Anyway, my thought is to organize as a Bot sub-forum, threads for each, and same with props, set dressing, costumes. Then slice those a bit further, always with an eye towards ‘the real deal’ over ‘good enough’, but provide great alternates where needed. I never saw the old forum, wayback will probably let me see a front page, but as long as there’s a hierarchy to the subs, it should be easy and fun to navigate, also a great walk-through of show history.


It’s been archived, as I’m on my work laptop now, I don’t have a link for it unfortunately.


I’m asking, I’m asking!


Sanity check post—
The short ver is that everything that needs to be known for the main three is pretty much out there. But being as old as they are, and many donor parts even older, sourcing original parts is difficult. As you’ve found, some of those have to be used as is, others can be duplicated through molding/casting or vacuforming, and those pieces sent off to those who need them. Unless you want to source specific articulation mechanisms, not really needed since other ways work well or better, you’re covered for what you need. As for getting it though… that’s tough.

Along with age you’re also fighting the ‘one and done’ for some bits, and that there have only been 4 or 5 sources for parts that have been reliable. Add on folks who are, for want of a better word, and meaning to or not, hoarding parts. I’d like to have a few spares to decorate a shelf too, but if push comes to shove I’m building the bot. And before then, if someone can duplicate something before I can, I’m loaning it to them.

For the day player bots, things get harder as there hasn’t been as much effort put into sourcing them. I’ve got start on Mike’s Killbot and know the destroyed ver was in private hands a while ago, post-auction. Also working towards the Nanites, two versions of Cambot (3 and 4).

I’m trying to ID and source bits for the first two SoLs (no, not Thunderbird 3). I know that Number 2 is in private hands and Trace helped with some restoration on it, but no idea how to contac the owner for a photo survey and measurements.

For costumes, none of the off the rack jump suit/coveralls I’ve seen match what Joel wears. I know he mentioned a place where he got them a while back as part of a magic gig (and immediatley trashed the look, it didn’t work in that realm) but the manufacturer as well as his mods (elbow and knee pads, belt and loops, etc) are hard to nail down. His hard hat is known, but also very rare and a different color was used for a film and painted, so folks mistakenly grab the yellow not realizing they need to paint and detail a white- so another fandom looks for them too. Ah well, etc.

To get crazy, you’d want to try to track Joel’s watches, rings, t-shirts etc etc etc. WOW. Add in The Mads, guest spots, skits outfits… well you get the idea.

Props? First and second ‘Movie Sign’ panels- what are they based on? We know what the ‘buttons’ are, but the flanges? Base unit? Light hook up? How about the gaming sys Joel had on set a short while, or the right teletype machine for The Mads, or or or… and this is just of fthe top of my head. :slight_smile:

Now let’s look at detailing the walls of the bridge, corridors, and all that. Or let’s not. Oy.

Don’t get me started on Invention Exchange, Deep 13, Gizmonics buildings, finding a .6m sphere to apply the Great Stuff to…

Yeah, I’d love to be talking about this stuff here.

For fun, look up the list of what was sold at auction. Hundreds of pieces :wink:


Here’s the auction list:



Bit of a story but:

I was right in George’s wheelhouse when Star Wars was relased. Around the age of 10 I was sorting out the behind the scenes folks and the sort of work they did, especially in the art department.

By an odd coincidence, in high school I moved to less than a mile from one of the hobby shops that ILM used to raid to get parts, back in the days before auto-orders etc, after the relocation to Northern California. So I learned about armatures, kit-bashing, part ID and sourcing, etc. In college, my modelbuilding instructor had worked on Jedi, and knew I wanted to do some similar. I used to hang out with Ralph MCQuarrie in his place as well, and painted with a couple of the matte painters from ILM etc etc. After the art dept blew up spectacularly at ILM the week after I interviewed, I headed to the mid-west for a time and re-invested in a hobby I had inadvertently helped get a lot of momentum earlier, IDing and building replicas of SW and other filming miniatures. So I built up my kit stock and went to town again.

After a stint in games I went back to CA and went to work at Lucasfilm. After George sold us, Disney shut my show down (Clone Wars) and I was out of work for two years, trying to survive in the Bay Area and then where I am now in Portland-ish Ore. So I took all of the kits that had been sourced for specific ships and sold them. For about 20% of their value, but I was thinking car payment, rent, food, a couple of months at a time.

  1. Gone. I’ll never be able to reinvest in that hobby again. But I’m really good at it and have built digital models of a few things that are indistinghuishable from the real, heh. Right til someone took one of my meshes and sold it to Eaglemoss for them to base a replica off of. I never heard a word til I saw it in an ad. I’m still pissed.

But part of why I’m trying to build and get info here is to build out a VR experience of the SoL, and not some crap one. I want to nail it and use it as a door to endeavors, fandom, the show, and other. It’s a massive project. And I’ve got a day job etc sigh, but…

I’m also trying to work out how to take a year off and go back to school to do what I trained for adn build on that, and don’t really have ‘means’ that I can turn to with even my most well articulated and conceived ideas, ie no rich anything to swallow pride and ask a large favor of.

But yes- 600 kits.


Oof- after writing the above, to get back on topic:

I’m not sure how much momentum this notion is getting or would need to get before it came to anyone’s attention to make it happen, or discuss what sub-cats could look like etc at least. But, if anyone’s got any thoughts or more on the topic, might be good to get it here before the thread fades into obscurity. I’m going to dodge posting here to bump this as at this point it’s just noise in a pretty important category, least til someone makes a statement one way or the other on it happening.

So get them thoughts in quick, yeah?



I suppose the primary next step would be to post a subtopic on the parts for, say, Crow, and then progress from there. Maybe we can eventually map out all the parts for the SOL Bridges.
I know the console device is an air purifier, the buttons on it are the caps from the paint for the bots, attached to laundry detergent caps. The front of it is just a piece of Gypsy tubing.


Yeah for sure, part of me is just like the just jump in and label the thread in a certain way and if a sub-forum gets created, move it on over!

See that’s funny cuz I have cap - cap - flange in my console notes! edit- ‘maybe ionizer but have never seen it’ (so testors, wisk, pollenex, and some electrical notes… I need to organize)

But never sourced the purifier (pollenex 99?) or the second cap! Sigh.

Also opened this today to ‘make someone cry’ (it’s just from one box). Another topic entirely.

I love being able to build and enjoy these, but ultimately I’d love to find away to get excellent replicas to folks who have a real connection to things. I hate that fans get treated like walking ATMs at times with ‘merchandise’ and rarities, and would love to make a thousand bits and send them out to folks.



Look at all of that Testors!


I don’t remember when I heard him say it (probably at a Mad’s show when Chris showed off the Pop Basement version), but it was Trace himself who confirmed that the base for the buttons were laundry detergent caps. I’m unsure exactly what brand the air purifier was.


Oh I found the link for the archived old bot builders forum:


oh yeah I have been there through wayback, hadn’t seen the PDFs. Sadly, they’re the only bit of the site left with wayback not archiving too effectively . I wonder if there’s any way to get or ask various folks for the content to rebuild and host the site… or yeah, we just get as much as possible here. Thanks!!