Subtitle sync drift in "The Wild Wild World of Batwoman" on

The subtitles on the gizmoplex season 5 episode “The Wild Wild World of Batwoman”'s sync slowly drifts away from correct. At the beginning, the subtitles are synced, but by the end there’s a roughly ~6 second difference, with the subtitles lagging behind the audio.

Refreshed, cleared cookies, logged out and in, tried on a W7 computer and a W11 computer, same problem.

Edit: Both the W7 and W11 computers are desktops - I have not tested this on the mobile app.

Link to episode:


Dear powers that be: I make things. Things like this:

Please keep me in mind when the movie riffing mill cranks up again. I need a job.


That’s really cool! I wish there was a way to insert our own transcript. Hopefully they can implement your fix, and somehow compensate you for it 8).


I would like something that allowed me to equalize the audio from riffing and the experiment. I hate that some of the episodes have riffs that overwhelm the original film.

While you can’t do that on the Gizmoplex (or other streaming services), if you download the video file your local player may allow you to use your own captions. I use VLC which lets me do that. I also have a Plex server which lets me upload caption files, but alas it doesn’t play nice with my particular hardware setup.


You could also use handbrake to permanently affix the subtitles if you have a video file. I believe the way you do it works well until you move the files. Granted your way is a lot less time consuming overall. (Unless you move all the files several times)