Suggestions for post movie viewing in the bunker - Teaser Links to other selections in the user's library.

When a selection completes in the video bunker, add some prompts to other potential selections from the viewer’s shelf. Teaser’s for other selections the user may be interested in without having to go back to their canister shelves. You can have a lot of fun thinking of ways to implement it, or use the old, boring icons in boxes on the screen approach. Either way there are instances where it may reduce a few clicks for the viewer while giving you another avenue to feature content.


This is interesting as it is another oppty to expand on the movie meta data Gplex creates.
I see it as a way to get a user to watch a title from the monthly releases that they may be less familiar with. It should also show Titles you own and those you might want to rent or buy that have something in common with the feature you just watched.

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