Suggestions for Season 14 Improvements

If Joel wants to step back from on-camera roles again I think he should leave us with a full-length riff of The Green Slime. Head out with a “this is where I came in” moment.


No more Gamera movies! As I understand based on comments here there is at least one Gamera movie still unriffed. But those movies are the worst of all the ones on the show. It is the same movie over and over with slight variations. I would rather watch Beast Of Yucca Flats than another stinkin’ turtle movie.


But… Gamera is friend to all children!


Who will tell Cornjob to cram it?


Just my two cents, and I don’t really think the crew are taking their direction from this thread, but the Invention Exchange is central to the show and to Gizmonics. I mean, the production company is now called Gizmonic Arts.


Yeah, I think of the Invention Exchange as a desk bit on a late night talk show. Like how Letterman did Top 10 or Conan would do “In the Year 2000”. It’s a format to put jokes out there. I think it’s still good and it shouldn’t go anywhere and it’s part of the whole vibe of the show.


[shrug] They aren’t my first choice of genre, but they’re still good riffing fodder.

Maybe we could compromise and try to find more bad out-country attempts at Kaiju ? I think Yongary is a decent episode and that Gorgo is pretty underrated by most fans.


I’m gonna disagree with that one for two reasons…

  1. Gamera vs Guiron is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series
  2. My name is in the credits of Gamera vs Jiger

Granted, there’s only one Showa era Gamera film left and it’s not gonna be the best for riffing anyway. The Heisei Gamera films are actually pretty good, so I don’t think they’d end up riffing those.


Yeah, I actually really love the Gamera movies, I feel like they are the heart of MST3K at this point. They are also the easiest ones to get into what I like to call the “stupid zone” where you zone out just enough to be completely delirious and get the giggles.


Well, #2 was confirmed. Physical sets are returning for 14.

As far as #3, I’m ok with them being a little bigger, but in a widescreen format you can easily end up taking up too much screen real-estate if you make them as high as on the old 4:3 episodes.


I think the English dubs of the Showa era also ended up in a weird licensing place when Daiei went out of business. Kadokawa (makers of the Heisei era movies and current rights holder) is still a going concern and would be more protective anyway.


Well, Joel is no longer the host and it sounds like he plans on stepping back from the show over time. As the staff said about season five, the invention exchange is really a Joel thing. When they tried to keep this going after 512 it was pretty lackluster and it was better when they finally just dropped it altogether. So long as Joel is around to direct and write for these segments I’m fine with keeping it, but otherwise it doesn’t work very well.


there’s only one Showa era Gamera film left

I was kind of hoping to get to the point where we could see a MST3K clip show made for Gamera: Super Monster myself.


I think the big disconnect that played into the S14 pledge drive issues (see my post on that thread), is that the concept of “seasons” needs to go.

The team needs to move to the mindset of always releasing movies or shorts on a regular cadence.

When relying on your audience for funding, you can’t pop up once a year or so and do a fund drive. You need to move things into the mindset of continual pr and fundraising, and again a regular cadence of released content.

I would certainly like to see improvements or more spend on making things better and more interesting, but I don’t see it without these fundamental changes


:thinking: I think that would benefit us as viewers. Not sure how it would benefit actors, writers, etc. But hopefully if they were drawing good and not starvation wages (which is what Gizmonics wants), maybe they would feel comfortable just having one project all the time instead of having to juggle half a dozen or whatever the norm is these days.

. what? The Gamera movies are the WORST of all on the show.? over a coleman francis film…?

this suggestion is absurd. In the fan voted ‘best MST#K episodes of all time’ that joel commissioned during the first kickstarter the Gamera movies polled very well… Your suggestion is completely counter to what the fanbase wants and the fanbase are the ones being asked for more money.

I have no idea how you came to that conclusion that the Gamera films are “the worst of all the ones on the show” but you need to know that you are the opposite of the fans who funded the last few kickstarters.

I love the gamera episodes. The KTMA ones just have the weakness of looking too DIY. But even that is fun in its own regard.


yes thank you.

someone declaring they are the literal worst films the show has had is as close as it gets to objectively wrong in relation to this show.

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I’d like to see them go back to the 9 day turnaround of the classic times. From writing to shooting. Complete with a kit-bashed SOL and Deep 13 set. Simple. It’s all you need.

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I agree, except for all the others.

The Gamera films are very much the same. Some wildly improbably monster shows up, a bunch of kids say silly things, a rocket powered turtle shows up, cheesy effects happen, turtle wins, the end.

MST is all about cheesy movies. If Joel and the crew can still find new riffs, then give me the last Gamera. Give me another Star Wars or ET ripoff, those follow the same formula as their source and aren’t very good either, but the crew still deliver the yucks. Some oversized something from Mr. B. I. G., again, the same movie script, but some guy and some puppets make it something I’ll watch more than once.

It’s not about the movie. The movie is a MacGuffin. MST is about everything else in the experiment - the host, the ‘bots, the mads, the skits, and especially the riffs. As long as those are on point, I don’t really care which movie tags along.