Super Globe Trotters on TubiTv

Okay all - be afraid, be very afraid.

I just saw that Tubi TV has added the 1979 Super Globetrotters cartoon streaming.

And the opening on youtube to get a flavor of it. - Theme Song | The Super Globetrotters Cartoon | Warner Archive - YouTube

For some reason the basketball with the antenna boggle me - and the description from wikipedia says it all:

This show featured the basketball team Harlem Globetrotters as undercover superheroes, who would transform from their regular forms by entering magic portable lockers. Each member of the group had individual super powers and could fly. The Super Globetrotters gained their powers through an element called Globetron and another exposure would weaken them on occasions.

The Globetrotters received their missions from a basketball-styled talking satellite called the Crime Globe. Most episodes culminated in the Super Globetrotters challenging the villain and his henchmen to a basketball game for whatever treasure or device they sought. The civilian Globetrotters were always bested by the villains’ super-powers in the first half, but they would use their own super-powers in the second half (often at the admonition of the Crime Globe) to save the day.


I love Tubi TV - it’s like the Museum of Modern Art version of Netflix. On Tubi you really can staple a banana to the wall if you want to :joy: No way you could get away with that on the more commercial streaming services.


Reminds me of another animated show, Super President. He’s the president, but he’s also a superhero. Whose name is Super President. And no one knows he’s really the president.


Mind you there are plenty of good things on Tubi but it’s the delightful junk that makes my day or the things I’d never thought I’d see that are now streaming there. For example Max Headroom, Man From Atlantis, the Logan’s Run tv series, and so much more.


Man, I remember this show. I used to love when they’d come back from halftime and that one dude had turned into Coily…


Tubi is great! There’s also a ton of old British TV on there too, like episodes of the UK version of Whose Line Is It Anyway. Also 3rd Rock From The Sun, an underrated sitcom from the '90s.

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Saw them twice with the first one in early 1990 at the Great Western Forum and in early 2009 at the then brand new Toyota Arena in Ontario,CA.