𝙏𝙝𝙚 Super-Secret, Pseudo-Private, Regular Lounge™ 🤫

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Eh, not my favorite place to be poking around…


Well find yourself a thick pair of rubber gloves and invest in a gas mask JRock cause we’re about to get elbows deep all up on here!


Wow as I read that back I kinda threw up in my mouth a little lol


You know what the slim-hipped one says about old Swampy over there and her mathematician husband.

“Never mix, never worry!”

Then again, this is the lounge, and I had me and a couple fellas bring over an organ and speaker just now. It’s by the bar, just don’t put no drinks on my instrument. I call her Shirley, and nobody touches that organ except for me. Probably even don’t know how to turn her on. Flip up run and start switches, relea I mean, just don’t be playing none!

And it’s now officially done with Easter morning shenanigans. I love you, honey, but I really don’t want an ass-egg. Got my own thing here.

But in the spirit of the beginning of the Easter season, which is here until Pentecost, so, this year, May 19, looks like.

teen titans go twerk GIF by Cartoon Network EMEA

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Well with the “keep it clean” banner up top and then all the butt stuff going on…


Welllll? Ok. I have just one more anyway.

So, I guess Cartoon Cat wasnt enough to keep me up at night. Theres something else out there thats been acting as good as gas for my nightmare fuel.

I don’t understand what it is or why it is…it just is. omg what the heck is it???

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Good lord!

What have you done!

I don’t know what that is, but that is pretty terrifying!

Righteous! Rock over London, rock home Chicago. Wheaties! Breakfast of champions!

Cut that mullet, Jimmy.

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It is a filthy rats nest, and I must cut that hair!

Nice reference…I forgot about that as a dedicated tune…dedicated to Pontiac, we build excitement.

(For those playing along at home, it’s yet another Wesley Willis classic…one whose lyrics that I find myself repeating to myself sometimes when batman is not really running me amok, because he is a stupid jerk.)

HEY @Chrissy13.

Can you draw/make (I don’t know how computer things work much) Crazy Cat eating a bowling ball while admiring with a salute a flag?

Flag of any sort, really. I prefer flag on the moon, but that’s just because most people here some to really dislike Coleman Francis movies, and even especially that one.

It would go over … over there … by the fireplace … but where I can see it from behind the Hammond console.

Where is anymore clown around here?

I must have to punch a clown. Bushmills “Prohibition Recipe” is rotten, like fish in a henhouse or stench on a hobo. Not just awful, but godawful.

I have manfully refrained from vomiting, and it will be sufficient hours before I pilot a vehicle that I will not be a menace. Unfortunately, my vehicle claims I have twelve miles before fuel is depleted, so I have to make a detour stat out of my to work…

I don’t think the car computer is really telling me the truth…I can probably make it to the place nearer work, but…having run out of gasoline…maybe twice in the past…it’s kind of a hassle. You know, the car just stops, pretty much, and there’s some pushing involved.

You know what the funny thing is? I seem to recall having spent more than my share of time pushing my own vehicles off the road. Uphill, in snow/ice, etc.

We need one of those, like, handypeople around here.

And also probably one of those cleaningpeople also, would be good.

I get a distinct aroma…around here…smells under armpits…not me…nobody took their shoes off, good…all right, who brought the dog?

My dog smells better than most humans. He stays.

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I’m confused. So this has nothing to do with the disappearing nuclear physicist and Colonel Mustard’s work on the new fusion bomb?


Umm… Yeah, we’ll go with that…

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Hey folks. Took a little break. I guess I got my eegah bruised. And Im trying to adjust to my parents basement.

I need for you to tell me you want me back and you want me to still be in charge of the entertainment in the Lounge™
Yes I need this validation. Im very lonely down here so I want to come back…if you want me to!

Yo Jimbo…got your crackers!


Oh, that’ll happen when Arch Hall Jr. is around.

I’m a guy, so I am incapable of saying things like that. I will let good old Arch handle this one for me as well. This one’s for you @Chrissy13

Arch Hall, Jr. - Vickie Chrissy

Nevermind the stuff about that Vickie chick, she wasn’t all cool and stuff, like you.


Hey @Chrissy13 - I live for your lounge parties! Please stick around here and hang with us; it would be a major bummer to lose your particular brand of Hinder-90.

(And I’ve been stuck relying on my parents to get back on my feet after a divorce - it gets better, I promise!)