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Some lady did a non- :eggplant: version, too.


Did she take it out in public?


I would be down with the “non bending” but thats the way I like it AWWWWW SNAAPPPP!

Mannnn, those things are awesome! Would’ve be cool if we had that built in from our arm? Inspector Gaget sheeeeatt!

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So when you say the “:eggplant:” song, are you actually talking about the :eggplant: or is it a symbol for :banana::cucumber::carrot::baguette_bread::hotdog:???

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hint: there’s no mention of eggplant in the song


But it is an awfully nice song. Frightfully good, in fact.


Hmmmmm. Mint…

I think i get it.

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So, I was thinking for the Apple Slap contest on Saturday night take a video or pic of you smacking that apple out of someone (or something) hand or whatever. And if you dont have and apple, I will except any produce.

Whatta think sirs?


Does it have to be a real photo? Can I photoshop it?

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No Photoshop. Only MS Paint or Corel Draw.


Is it going to be Mint in the pic?

Old School Chump!

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Could be… could be some Mint in there. I haven’t really thought it through :laughing:

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Hmmm. Well I dont want to make any rules… i just thought it we something stupid we could do together

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Hmmm…well I would have to acquire an apple. I don’t really care much for apples for eating. I think they smell funny.

Although just once I do want to eat an entire apple, core, stem, everything in one sitting. Hell, even the little produce sticker, if it has one. For reasons unknown.

And then if I slap it at my place, it’s going to hit something that probably should not be touched…like…you know…stuff.

No, not for me.

But I expect to see some real good apple spankin real soon.

Oh hooey and poppycock! So get an apple then feed it to the animals.

And Im bet somewhere in that chaos is a spot for an apple spanking. Or go outside.


I am not getting an apple.

The only animals outside I like around here are the coyotes and the birds, and I don’t think birds like apples…or probably the crows do, and I don’t much care for them.

Maybe I’ll find something resembling an apple and make an audio recording of it to test one of my mics.

And then slap that “apple,” like, really hard, but just once, as is written in scripture.

Ok thats fine. We can accept that. Just find something that resembles an apple in some way.
But I dont know why you cant just run to Wawa and get one freaking apple!


Ah…it seems I know something the all-knowing C13 does not!

Like a plastic clamshell container from the grocery holding cold fried chicken? That’s about as close to an apple as I care to get.