SuperBOTS - What are their origin stories?

The Bots told Jonah they tried to become super heroes by recreating origin stories from:

  • Fantastic Four
  • Spider-Man (lampshaded by “no spiders in space”)
  • Iron Man (complete with intense Robert Downeying)
  • Batman (no Crime Alley in space but they’ve got a movie theater)
  • and also Wonder Woman & Thor (sort of)
    and none worked.

So: how WOULD the Bots become super heroes (with an origin story stolen from a past or current super hero1) and what would their powers be.

No, the “turning into cosmic energy at the end of the universe” doesn’t count because it’s been done.

Yes, it’s a fanfic prompt.

1 Please keep these origins family friendly? I know giving them “Sex Criminals” powers are tempting but that’s for AO3?

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Alternatively: which Lantern Corps are each of the bots and subjects of the SOL members of?

You forgot their attempt to brew a Captain America type supersoldier serum.