Surround Sound in Previews

I’ve been watching the season 13 shows in 5.1 surround and it’s not all there yet. The opening title music is definitely in surround and it sounds great. Even the opening host segment of Robot Wars seemed to be in surround, as the “moviesign alarm” buzzers came from all speakers with a slight emphasis on the rear speakers (that may be my system). But after that, the audio on the rear speaker is absent. Is this the way you want it or is the surround mix coming later? It’s not a big issue, but after hearing the great opening and the alarm sound behind me, the rest of the audio seemed like something was missing. Anyone else noticing it?


Damn, I’m going to have to rewatch them again.

I’m sure that my cat reacted to sound coming from behind us for both, but that may have been during the host segments or movie sign alarm…

Could be that the movies both are only 2.1 and they decided to not have the theater audio/riffing be the only audio coming from the other channels?

Which, kind of makes sense, as the perspective is that they’re sitting in the front row in front of us?

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A 5.1 mix of the episodes will be happening – when I can’t say, but it’s in the works.


That’s great news! Thanks for the direct reply.

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Thanks Matt👍