"...Swayze One More Time" appreciation thread

Mentioned this in the recent thread about Nate, but I have to give him a lot of credit for this song parody in the #MakeMore “Final Countdown” stream.

By the time he hits that final verse, Crow’s flat out belting every note to the high heavens and, as the kids say, you love to see it.

It’s not nearly as well known as many of the other recent MST3K songs but Nate really did great here. You could tell the rest of the cast in the stream (Jonah, Deanna, Emily, Baron, Hampton, Conor and Matt) were into it…or at least surprised Crow had it in him. :rofl:


I loved that song so dang much I had it custom commemorated in drinkware.


Didn’t tune into that livestream, so I just looked this up. Gold. Gold I tells ya! And I ain’t just talking about Crow’s coloring.


Guys, I got some bad news. @Lesley has finally confirmed that Nate Begle’s not coming back.

What a shocking, unexpected, understandable, and sad day for us MSTies.


That song is my “Happy Place”. It never fails to make me smile. Sad about Nate. Wish him the best of luck.