Swinging into Spring with an MST3K Fling--- grass roots of our fandom, help it thrive.

I’m not entirely convinced that we are anywhere near the edge of the woods, but as certain restrictions ease and we make another swing for the normal fences, a reminder that a lot of what we love about the show has its roots in some real world activity, and more than a few of those folks might be making a last gasp for their survival in movie, theater, performance, prop, and other works that they may be hoping is shared and more visible soon.

So remember what the foundation of this whole craziness is and if you’ve got the means and are safe and comfortable doing so, look up your small theaters, improvs, ‘maker’ spaces, streaming channels, even etsy shops, etc where folks are likely to be poking their rather nervous and yet hopeful heads out, searching for their people and all manner of support. Some adapted well to the situations, others… it’s hard without a team and support. A lot of what we love has been seriously threatened in the last two years, and some lost to us forever. Act responsibly, but help where you can?

Except for that one thing on etsy (yeah someone finally posted it here…) :wink:

And as always…