Synthia Forrester Deserves a Promotion!

I’ve been scoping out the Synthia Selects and I came to realize that as much as I enjoy Felicia Day, I find myself secretly rooting for Synthia to stage a coup and take over the Gizmoplex.

Is it wrong for me to love a clone? Rebecca Hanson is just so good. Anyone else with me on this?


Here’s a thread you might enjoy, where we’ve sung the praises of Rebecc and Synthia


Synthia is the most elastic character they have. She can be the lead or she can be a really strong supporting character. Utility players are worth their weight in gold and I think that with Rebecca you can easily put her anywhere in the lineup and she’ll knock it out of the park


Synthia is great, but I wouldn’t want her in charge. She’s too competent, which goes against the power hierarchy of the show. A good parallel is Pearl and Observer (aka Brain Guy). He is arguably more competent and capable than Pearl, but Pearl (like Kinga) has the unquestioning confidence and domination of an original Forrester. So Synthia, like Observer, being clever but obsequious, ends up where she’s at. It’s a big part of what makes her character so versatile. And kudos again to Rebecca for playing her so brilliantly.


Speaking of “an original Forrester”:

Maybe it was mentioned in a comic-con or similar appearance, but I’ve never seen any reference in any episode… Dr. Forrester’s father. :thinking:

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She sure didn’t used to be; she was completely off her head in Season 11. I honestly don’t think she’s changed much, she still seems pretty nuts to me.