Synthia's Selects

I like the new bonus stuff this month. Trailers, interviews… Really appreciate how they’re continuing to keep this idea going.


Hmm, more tape hits on Batwoman than I remember. in the early host segs… (pops in Rhino DVD) no tape hits there, curious.

Cheating, what a classic. Laughed my head off.


Love the re-created Castle Forrester background. Is that a picture of Crow sitting on the table? I guess Pearl never forgot about Art.

Actually, I like how they’re also using the rooms from the door sequences as backgrounds for the Satellite/Simulator of Love segments, makes them feel a little more lived-in.


They are so good. Worth mentioning again. :slight_smile:


Just watched Wild World of Batwoman and I think of had my share of shaking hinders for the day.

I know at least one person who will have really enjoyed Synthia’s guest in this one. It’s always cool to see that cute little bot get some more screentime. I think the highlight in this one is the Batman throat sketch, and the gang must have had a lot of fun doing their best growling hero voices. I have to say, I’m glad my tea-obsessed wife didn’t watch it with me or I’d hear nothing but “where is tea?” for months.


One of my favorite little details in Wild World of Batwoman.

The first act break, when they’re talking about the Cheating short and Mike is suggesting that they write essays, and Crow’s just sitting in the bottom left corner of the screen, off in a world of his own, dancing and amusing the hell out of himself. Just a great bit of physical acting from Trace.


It’s too hot to do anything, so I put on Master Ninja I. I really liked the new host segments in this one, with Synthia’s goofy little flute playing gesture and all of the captions in her conversation with Crow. I think I’m going to have to start labelling people as “point recipient”. I’m sure the secret identity discussion gave us all food for thought, and I’d like to assure everyone that, although I have no secret identity, I am most definitely not a supervillain. A supervillain wouldn’t lie about a thing like that.

Another fun Vault Pick. Synthia really is the best stuff!


Tonight on Invasion of the nepTUNE Men, packs of wild Kennys bypass national security.

Oof, this is a tough one. It’s Prince of Space without any of the goofy charm.

A Uranus joke? For shame, Emily! Synthia’s right to be upset with you (hinder). My main takeaway from this one is the surveillance footage. I’ve never considered making someone choose between disarming a bomb and continuing with their boring conversation. That’s going in my bag of tricks now.


Master Ninja 2, home of third rate Bonds!

Synthia starts this one off strong with a Charlie Brown football reference, and then we get to hear Tom talk about turtles for a while. I don’t know if I’m super aware of it because Connor’s puppeteering has been talked about so much, but I couldn’t help noticing his skills in this scene. The “best part of being a superhero” discussion missed the obvious answer, which is to help people learn to brood while flying, which is hard to pull off.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of Sensei Servo’s Turtle Farm. I’m sure that will end well without any unforseen consequences.


Well, of course: brooding should be done in the nest.


It’s taken me ages to get through these this month, but I finally got to Fugitive Alien. I really struggle with these Sandy Frank tv specials.

Fortunately, we start off with a moving walkway conundrum to keep my brain focused during the rambling scenes to come. More Synthia/GPC interactions in this one, but I would have expected GPC to extry bold if anything. Her lecture about forklift safety would have been really useful before the forlift wresting incident. I agree with Crow’s takes on Dagwood and Garfield, but it was the Flemish joke that really got me. Bravo!

:musical_note:She tried to teach me about forklifts! :musical_note:


Bart Fargo is Danger!! Death Ray!

We’ve got Pearl again in this one, with a great story about destruction for her clone. I love seeing so much Mary Jo this season. The crew’s shown they can stand on their own, but it’s nice having that connection. The wraparound segments also show what a good, uh, hand actor Rebecca is. Synthia’s doing all kinds of weird stuff this time around.

Meanwhile, on the SoL, Emily and the bots are playing the old double-crossing donut game. I’m sure we’ve all been there. It turns out Emily’s got quite a good evil laugh.



Same with me on the Sandy Frank features. The desire to see the Gizmoblips and bumpers are forcing me to revisit these. Still a struggle, but with an improved entertainment value for me.


Mighty Jack, the most incomprehensible Sandy Frank movie! Synthia, the solidest ice! Servo, the iciest hot!

I still have no idea who any of those people were or why they were all after Mighty Jack, who didn’t even have the decency to show up. I’ll tell you what this movie was about, it was about 90 minutes too long!

black and white elvira GIF

The nice abduction SoL segment from this one’s short, but enjoyably silly. But we’re left with the greatest question of all unanswered: who is the mightiest Jack?


I’d be interested who would win in a cage match: Jack Palance or Jack Perkins.


Colby jack. As in the cheese.

I’ll see myself out…


I think the answer would surprise us all!


Watching Final Justice, because I can’t get enough Joe Don Baker in my life.


Oh, boy! Time for Mighty Jack! That ridiculous train-wreck of a movie.:heart:


Tonight on Lovejoy, I mean Codename: Diamond Head!

Hail and well met, for Synthia has spared our lives! You know she’s a real Forrester, witholding water and oxygen to get Jonah to do her bidding. I enjoyed the Bond women sketch and the way it broke apart into Connery impersonations, but the bit that made me laugh the most was the whole “you don’t mess around with gym”/“tug on Superman’s cape” bit. Bravo to the writers of that one.

Synthia playing with the toothbrush in the end segment was delightfully weird, and I’m sure I’ll be thinking about that coconut story for days.