Tanka Chain Game

Bouncing off @RocketJForklift. I’ve had such a great time with the Haiku chain game. How about another relay using tankas instead of haikus. The tanka rules are simple. The first line has 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables, the third line 5 syllables, the fourth line 7 syllables, and the fifth line 7 syllables. The other requirement is the first and last lines have to be near identical.

Meaning whoever follows a poem must use most of the last line as their first line and whoever comes after ditto. This game tasks you to recycle the previous line of the past tanka minus two syllables since tankas begin with 5 syllables. You rework or revise the last line while keeping most of the words then going wherever you want in the rest.

There is a little editing or shifting unlike the haikus chain game. This allows you to tweak the last line in rephrasing and shortening it for your first. Leading to something fun and unexpected. You’re paraphrasing while keeping most of the structure.

Here we go! Use most of the last line in the most recent post and compose a new tanka employing a majority of that as your first line. Then finish how you wish!

You can tackle any topic allowed by forum rules. Thus you are not restricted to only MST3K-related themes. You are allowed to completely ignore the context of the previous poem. You can also adjust capitalization and punctuation. Clever use of homonyms can be fun from time to time, too. You just have to use the same words and spellings.

Who’s Oppenheimer?
The Father of the A-Bomb?
A nerd in a lab?
He inspired a long movie
Were you snoring by the end?

Snoring by the end
Longer than The Irishman
Do I give a damn?
Gable and Vivien Leigh
Four hours of Technicolor?

We’ll see how this goes. Have fun!!!


Four hours of color
It is called Gone With the Wind
Scarlett O’Hara
Has it bad for Rhett Butler
But he doesn’t give a damn


He does give a damn
Timothy Dalton says so
The miniseries?
Sean Bean, Gielgud, Paul Winfield
Who did they not cast in this?


Awesome one by the way.

Did they not cast this?
Santa? Sting? A Golden Girl?
Zamboni Racing?
Reb Brown is in heat again
Betty White? Hot in spandex?


Betty in Spandex
But which Betty is it now?
Whether Ford, Friedan,
Boop or Grable, she can wear
any kind of pants at all


Any pants at all
Trousers, Jeans, Baggy, Jumpsuits
Red, Blue, or Purple
Yellow is the Netflix guy
Three seasons and still no butt

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