Tell us about your D&D character

I’m guessing there are lots of adventurers here. Tell us about your character(s)!

I’m playing my first game, three sessions in. I’m a Dragonborn Paladin. He’s a privileged noble bro, and he’s prone to thinking he’s significantly more awesome at everything than he is. He occasionally says somewhat terrible things because he’s not especially smart but he is plenty ignorant. I’m not convinced the other characters like him especially well, but at least he’s generous about covering the fee for the inn. Dad will send more money if he runs out, after all. Or so he thinks.


Last time I sat down to D&D, my character was basically Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China but in human barbarian form. There was one person at the table that was not pleased about this; everyone else had a good time with it.


Our campaign started with just two and is slowly growing, hopefully getting up to four this week or next. I hope they new additions continue to tolerate/enjoy me. I mean him.


I have a high-level warlock who wears black robes and speaks of doom and death, whose patron is a flying pink unicorn named Sparklewing. He casts the darkest spells, but they all come out rainbows and glitter. He is very insecure about that.

Further, he rescued a Nightmare (black demon horse) from Lord Soth, and it joined up with Sparklewing and is becoming reformed. It’s a fun concept.


There’s not enough time in the world…

And it’s hard to choose just one of my brain babies…

I guess I’ll start with Celia De Ren Esquasia (Unintelligible) Cadenda Mi Amorae, a half dragon noble bard who is actually a baobab tree.

Our GM’s game is set in Lovecraft’s dreamlands and we are playing as the dreaming form of our characters. Celia is actually an ancient baobob tree who is capable of dreaming and sleeps indefinitely. Because of this, she’s actually been around the dreamlands for hundreds of years, and considers herself better than everyone else. She’s prissy, snooty, and stuck up. She wears big ballroom dresses regardless of where the adventure is headed and demands to be treated with fawning respect at all times. No one is even sure what her full name is, as she always mumbles the middle part and gets offended if asked to speak that part more clearly. But the best part of her is her bardic inspiration, which instead of being tied to music is tied to her oratory skill which she uses to berate party members into stat buffs.

“In the name of all that’s unholy, why can’t you actually hit things?!” (+1 to hit and damage)

“I swear, a brain dead goblin could pick that lock! You can’t possibly be any more pathetic!” (+1 to open locks)

“This is less than baby stuff! This is fetus stuff! Stop being such a failure!” (+1 to investigation)

I also love that I can use yelling loudly at people to improve their listening checks.


It’s not “D&D5” but I just got a complete set of 1st edition AD&D books that I always wanted as a 11 year old kid in 1987. Here’s all the characters I’ve made since:

Maylindra [LG High (~Silvanesti) Elf PH Paladin 1]

Melsany [LG Human UA Paladin 1]

Genasi Gold-Eye [NG Human Fighter 1]

Aimon [CG High Elf Fighter/Magic-User 1/1]

Kuo [LN Human OA Monk 4]

Blind Crow [TN Wild Elf Fighter 5]

Glaar [CN Half-Dark Elf Fighter/Cleric/Magic-User 4/4/4]

Adair [TN Human Cleric 2]

Junko Miyake [TN Human Wu-Jen/Ninja 3/3]

E.P. Greengold [CN Half Wild Elf Fighter/Thief 3/3]

Sabatha [TN Wood Elf Druid/Thief 1/1]

Zel Bathak [LN Human Fighter 1]

Wilcott [CN Human Thief 1]

Froo [CN Gully Dwarf Barbarian 1]

Iron Hex [LE Mountain Dwarf Cleric 1]

Anti-Paladin [CE Human Fighter 1]

Bloodfish [NE Half-Orc Cleric /Assassin 1/1]


My brother-in-law had an AD&D manual that I looked through. It’s been a while, but I remember it being kinda technical. Also pretty cool, if my memory from 20 years ago serves. So maybe.


I’ll not froth on, but this is the character I alway wanted to play as a kid-currently playing her in N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God :sunglasses:


Race High Elf (Silvanesti equivalent)
Class PH Paladin
Level 1 XP 451 Alignment LG
S 14 I 10 W 12 D 17 C 18 Ch 17 Cm 16/18
HP 14 AC -1 THACO 20
Height 5’ 9” Weight 130lbs Age 107
Alignment LG Deity Ulaa
Land of Origin Furyondy
Social Class UMC Birth Rank 3/3
Secondary Skill Fine Leatherwork
Weapon Proficiencies Long Sword, Warhammer, Short Bow, Dagger
Non-Weapon Proficiencies N/A
Special Abilities Detect Evil, Protection from Evil 10”, Immunity to Disease, Cure Disease (1/week), Lay on Hands (2 HP)
Saves Poison/Paralyzation/Death 12, Petrification/Polymorph 13, Rod/Staff/Wand 14, Breath Weapon 15, Spell 15

Long Sword, Warhammer
Tabard, Girdle, High Hard Boots, Plate Mail Armor, Large Shield
Backpack, Provisions, Blanket, 50’ Hemp Rope
Riding Horse + Tack & Harness

Tithe 10%

Maylindra is the youngest of the three daughters of an elven wizard who is a court mage in Furyondy. Upon adulthood she begged her father’s blessing for leave to join the church of Ulaa as an acolyte. An incredible athletic talent was noticed by a senior paladin at the temple and she was conscripted into their order. Maylindra is enthusiastic and brave but she is lacking in confidence and experience. She is very protective of children and innocents.


I play games based on DnD rulesets, but otherwise I don’t have the attention span for more than 4 or 5 rounds. Why am I even posting, you ask? Because I’m sending this to a friend of mine and saw this post. He’s been a DM in our hometown for decades


@jamesismadagain Oh yeah? Which ones? Heh. You ever play Hackmaster?

Man, if you guys want crazy characters Hackmaster is the way to go… Boy, have I got stories there…



Hah! That does look pretty fun. But, naw - I’m currently playing Planescape: Torment, which I am led to believe is just DnD without living people(?). I dunno, I usually bail on longterm social get-togethers, so I enjoy the more concrete virtual entries that use those rulesets… even if it limits my rp options and I can’t sideline the main quest by never leaving the starting town, hah


I play a cheeky little halfling rouge/assasin who likes sharing, by which he means people sharing things they own with him without their knowledge. He has a mysterious tragic backstory which the rest of the party doesn’t know about, including his real name and the fact that a band of murderous villains are hunting him down and don’t mind bodely harming anyone in their way. Though, as he found out, that is also true for another member in the party, just can’t trust fantasy characters these days.

Because of the pandamic we stopped playing for about a year now, we’re planning to continue in September. Can’t wait.


Warforged Cleric “Book” reporting in.


Currently part of a Pathfinder campaign playing a barbarian named Solson.

For those who care about the crunchy bits, he’s currently a Level 5 Unchained Barbarian with the Invulnerable Rager template.

I did obscenely well on the dice rolls, so his lowest stat is a 14 Intelligence.

His backstory is that he was exiled from his tribe after backing the wrong side in a clan war over who should be chieftain. While most of his family was killed, he was merely exiled on account of not yet having undergone the Rites of Adulthood and the people demanding blood were satisfied that he was as good as dead without the tribe supporting him.

From there, Solson made his way west and began working as a mercenary, which led to him falling iin with the party. He’s stoic and not inclined to talk about his past. (Nobody knows about his being an exile yet.) and he’s a light sleeper as he’s waiting for some old enemy of his family to try and track him down.

Beyond that, he’s just looking for a place to belong and perhaps some way to earn a True Name for himself. (His tribe believes you don’t earn a name until you pass your Adulthood rite, hence why he’s still Son of Sol.)

The one most notable thing about Solson, apart from his being 6’4" with red hair and sticking out like a sore thumb in the gnome-ruled lands we’re currently exploring, is that he has an amazing gift for languages, which confuses the hell out of the people who expect him to be dumb muscle. (This is thanks to an Exile trait I gave him at first level, which makes Linguistics a class skill and gives you a bonus to it.) Since joining the party, he’s learned Dwarven, Elven, Infernal, Sylvan, and Abyssal from his party members. (Dwarven Warpriest, Elf Druid, Elf Wizard, Gnome Cleric) He has taken to cursing in Abyssal while raging, as it helps strike fear into his enemies. He already spoke Common, Orc and Giant before traveling West.

He’s also been essentially adopted by the elven women in the party as a “big brother” since they are also coincidentally redheads. While this is something of a joke to them, Solson has come to regard them as his new family.


I have a few going! I’m doing a lot of dming these days but I have a few recently active characters.
Harald- Half-elf, Runewalker (a homebrew class). He’s a runaway prince, learning the ways of runewalkers to try and atone for some…very horrible crimes committed by his family that have been swept under the rug. After a rune is stolen from his mentor, he’s roped into travelling the worlds of Yggdrasil to stop a calamity. Bit naïve but kind! Been playing him for a while, but the campaign went on a near year long hiatus because of. gestures at last year
Josiah - Human, Fighter. In a Rdr2 inspired campaign, Josiah is a cowboy turned mercenary after a group of bandits raided his town and killed his partner. He believed that his partner was still alive for years, turning to bounty hunting to get into the right circles to find him, but gave up the search after a long time. He’s extremely rude and jaded, but has a heart of gold somewhere in there…(Though his partner is still alive, I just chose to leave his exact fate to my dm. Sadly the campaign is on indefinite hiatus, probably going to be restarted)
Fritha- Aarakocra (screech owl), wizard. A student of a prestigious magic school who has to help unravel the school’s secrets to stop a dark sorceress from ravaging the world. Shes a sweetheart and I love her a lot.
Vaughn (oneshot) - Human, druid. He’s a gambler and a cheat, not much backstory since he was made for a oneshot. He can turn into a wolf since he’s a druid n all that. He gets trapped in a mansion after a party where guests are murdered one by one, and has to solve puzzles to escape. Eventually fights an ice-powered fae and escapes, but loses all memory of the event.
some characters I have in the wings but aren’t fully developed/campaign hasn’t started-
Oliver- Yuan-Ti Pureblood, Artificer. A pirate :slight_smile: thats all i’ve got
Xander- Human, paladin. Serves a trickster god, so he is not noble at ALL
Reinier- Chipmunk, fighter. He’s a chipmunk because he was made for a campaign in which every character is a little forest animal or small mythical creature, we’ll be going on adventures in a guild in the forest and the human city. bit more lighthearted. He has no real backstory, just is incredibly battle-hungry. He has a little axe made from a twig and a pebble.


Last time I really played regularly was early 3rd edition. My favorite character was my 10th level female elven ranger, Edala Erimthar. She started out as an archer but got so good at martial arts (using my DM’s homebrew system) that she pretty much kicked any butt unarmed. She was fun.


Currently playing a Death Domain Cleric human named Ooly. He’s a middle aged, out of shape, dad joke spewing drunkard. (It just occurred to me I may have made Mitchell subconsciously) He’s essentially a walking wreck who is on a last ditch effort to regain his God’s favor. It’s going… OK. I think I’m gonna have to use the beer on the sun line next session.


I’m starting a new game this Saturday. I’m a Lightfoot Halfling Bard named Affaris Watercreek. I have another character that I bring out sometimes. A Tabaxi Ranger named Waving Meadow.


One of my other current characters is a priest named Lafferty.

He has the edgiest, most “12 year old cool” background. A distant relative of his defeated a fraction of the evil lord of darkness years ago and sealed that fraction away within his bloodline. Laferty grew up in a monastery surrounded by monks that feared the power contained within him. The monks, terrified of the boy, and unsure of what would happen if the boy died without ever having a family, used grand magic to send him to another dimension. The boy is marked with one green eye and one red eye and has started to learn how to tap into the demonic power inside of him…

…And he’s the nicest teen you ever met. He’s super friendly, polite, and just an all-around great kid. Any power the demon grants him he only uses to help others and make the world a better place.

He’s currently trying to teach a baby amethyst dragon (another PC) who views everything in transactional terms the meaning of friendship and kindness for kindness’ sake.


I have been put under lifetime bans from two different DMs – one from ever playing a jester again (character class taken from Dragon Magazine), and the other from ever playing a Kender again. Both DMs said more or less the same thing to me: “I don’t care, I will hunt you down if you ever play one of those again in anyone’s campaign!” XD

In a weird way, I’m proud of that!