Thank You From The Demon Squad

To all the MSTies and MST3K creatives, talent, writers, production teams, and technicians: Thank You!


Nah, it was the room at the end of the hallway with all those doors. That’s right. That’s what it was called this whole time!


And the friends we have here all along. heh

I am impossibly glad that you all enjoyed such a warm reception.

I imagine it helps when you are with a group that is used to…lowered expectation type films. That fact that your film actually had a coherent story and didn’t shove its tongue into the cheek all the time. Compared to a lot of the crap we sit through for the riffs.

Hope you all enjoy excellent future endeavours.


As a fan, I have the warm and fuzzies too for how well this relationship has worked out. On its surface, MST3K makes fun of movies. At its core, however, it is about appreciation and love of movies.


Thank you for having a great sense of humor for the closest thing that comes to the Friars Club Roast of a movie. Y’all have been really great, too, being generous with your time and energy to answer questions and joke around with us.

If there is ever a third Convention-Con-Expo-Fest-a-Rama, y’all would be perfect guests at it. But that’s just me dreaming!


Thank YOU for making such a fun experience! :+1::sunglasses::+1:


We had a blast, too. I think this will go down as another classic episode.


I’d seen the movie unriffed a year or so ago, and genuinely admired the way you’d gone about making something that ambitious on a shoestring.
It was a relief to see how many MSTies appreciated the movie for exactly what it was, as well as enjoying what the riffs brought to the experience.

You’re all part of the MST3K family now!

There is no escape.

Now you look after the place while the Master (Joel) is away.


Definitely just as big of thanks goes out to you, @FightingOwl and @Erin_Lilley_Smith for being so great to us. Not only for making the movie, but fir being cool with it showing up on “our” puppet show, and hanging out in the chat after the premiere.

AND THEN opening the AMA thread and continuing to answer all our questions.

There are a lot of film makers who want nothing to do with this enterprise and get upset if their films end up here. People like you are a breath of fresh air.


Thank you for embracing the experience. I can’t imagine what it must be like to make a small film and have it picked up for riffing, especially so soon after you finished it. The nerves must have gotten a good stress test. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one becomes a lasting fan favorite, so hopefully it’s all been worth it.


I’ll echo the others. It’s been a pleasure having you with us and being introduced to your film. It’s amazing what you put together on such a limited budget with such a bonkers shooting schedule. But you’ve also been great sports about having it featured on the show. As Emily said, it was made with heart and sincerity, which makes it so much better than a lot of movies out there with bigger budgets.

And, hey, it turns out you’ve built up some good will with a community of people who appreciate this stuff, just learned about your movie, and who back crowdfunded entertainment projects…


Yeah! Let this be a lesson to all the people who are withholding rights to classic episodes. You can be happily rewarded by the MSTies.


Thank you for having the passion to have given us Demon Squad. We are ones that benefit from the end results, that can only happen due to the people behind the works that get riffed.

Personally, from me and my wife who watched the livestream, and my buddy who had a copy of DS even before it was announced for MST3K, again, Thank You.


Agreed. Yes, some are terribly awful. However, there are some that I have genuinely enjoyed such as Beginning of the End. Not all movies can be blockbusters, genre defining, and/or culturally significant. But, hey, the fact that these movies get to be made fun of… er, shine is something to take in mind for sure.


Have I mentioned you’re all so cool? Well, you are! Greatly enjoyed your efforts with the movie and loved your openness and excitement about being with us here. Thanks!

Oh, and my housemate, a former independent filmmaker herself, said to tell you what you did was amazing, it’s never easy, and you should be so proud of what you made.

I concur!!


Thank you for making a unique and fun movie that works well with MST3K, and should you crowdfund a sequel, I’ll be right there, somewhere at the Physical Blu-Ray copy level.


Thank you @FightingOwl and @Erin_Lilley_Smith for being so superb about the whole process here, and for sharing your experiences and anecdotes with us. Hope you’ll stick around, and I concur that it would be great to see you all at a con!

You join a rarefied group of good sports in the MST3K world, which includes some frankly awesome people, like the Manos surviving cast and crew, the guys behind Parts: The Clonus Horror, and director David Worth. All people whose work I respect that much more now, and your studio is one too.

Let’s kickstart that sequel! And if you want input from someone who has read and studied a number of medieval grimoires and texts on demonology, I’m your occultist!


But have you read the eldritch cookbook? The Necroomnomnomicon.


…for making the movie and enjoying it along with us and then some! It’s a rare treat for us MSTies to get so much behind-the-scenes information. You guys have been great, and I really hope that you stick around and just hang with us.

We accept you! One of us! One of us!


Don’t listen to SandyFrank! He’s the source of all our pain!

(Kidding, obviously! But I hear he does gad about the house all day.)

I do think that one just edges out the Necrotelicomnicon (a.k.a. Liber Paginarum Fulvarum).