That time when they (loosely) remade numerous AIP films that were on MST3K

Back in 2001, Cinemax and Lou Arnoff started a “Creature Features” series of films for Halloween 2001 loosely based on old AIP films. Three of these were based off of films on MST3K.

These were:

Teenage Caveman, which while containing the same basic premise, changes the plot to be about a banished group of teens finding an idealistic city ruled by two mutants who seek to populate the earth with their own master race. Directed by Larry Clark of Kids fame.

She Creature, which changes it up to a film set in the 1900’s as a carnie couple steals a mermaid to use in their roadside show only to find more than they bargained for as they sail back.

And Earth vs The Spider, which only takes the name from the original film as it’s actually Spider-Man by way of Cronenberg’s Fly.


Rufus Sewell AND Carla Gugino?

I am… intrigued.


I own that Teenage Caveman, and I know I’ve seen the Earth vs. Soup The Spider

Neither are good.


“Amazingly Idiotic Productions!”


Kinda great that the assumed Teenage Caveman on the over understood whatever the Word (or the Law) had to say on the bold strokes of wearing trousers.


If I recall, Lou Arkoff planned another round of AIP remakes years ago but nothing ever came of it.

Of note, quite a few MST3K titles were on the roster: Viking Women & The Sea Serpent, She-Creature, Teenage Caveman (yes, they were gonna take another shot at 'em), The Undead, and War of The Colossal Beast. (Day The World Ended was used on MST3K: The Home Game if you want to get technical.) One can only imagine how those would’ve turned out.

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I gotta say that the description of She Creature sounds more interesting than the original movie.

The creature designs were part of a deal with Stan Winston Studios, and they crafted figures based on them, when Stan decided to try and get in on the detailed action figure craze in the early 00’s.

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