The 27th Annual DICE Awards

For anyone interested, fellow Mystery Science writer Mike Drucker and I write the D.I.C.E. Video Game Awards every year(his 8th, my 3rd).

It will be streaming live tomorrow night:


Oh, that’s cool! I keep forgetting he wrote on Mystery Science and mostly think of him as “guy Patton retweets often”. I hope you guys had fun working on it (or, if not, were properly compensated for your work).

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I assume you have to know about video games that are being made now and not, say, 1983. So I don’t know that I’d get it. Oh well.

But if it’s all Apple II jokes, I am there.

I don’t and I write the thing.


Luckily, having fun and being properly compensated doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition.

But yes, it certainly beats working for a living.